Omar-Farouq Edu: Nigeria’s couture diva [NEW VOICES]

by Omar Farouq-Edu

Inspirational is the first word that comes to mind when speaking of the likes of Nigeria’s very own Anna Wintour. If you don’t know who I’m talking about already then it’s pretty much offensive as only one name should come into mind. The woman we call “Deola Sagoe” is an absolute beast when it comes to fashion design and a classic example of the term “Beauty knows no age.” I have heard once before that people hide behind fashion because they don’t have an identity. This twisted and distorted perception just screams ignorance because in my eyes your style always introduces you before you speak. As I look at ‘Deola Sagoe’ the first thing that comes to mind is a Boss. A woman that heightens and highlights artistry painted with confidence. The results are the colours of courage mixed with elegance.

She started off in the business in 1989 and has gained international recognition but are we really surprised? She studied at the University of Miami as well as our very own University of Lagos. It’s fair to say that through her education she was prepared to handle her business for the real world and oh my word she did. “Deola Sagoe” came in her own lane, parked the car, pushed the breaks and sat there comfortably waiting for the rest to catch up.

At the age of 50, She is still slaying like nobody’s business. Her story telling creations speak for themselves with loud and daring voices which scream “who needs a spotlight when you’re the sun?” The dare devil bright madness contrasted with the dark moonlight fabric is how her creativity rotates. The meaning of the minute you think you have seen it all is the minute she comes back louder. It rotates like a never-ending stop.


A woman from Ondo state Nigeria that has blessed Lagos with her Clan Fashion Label that defines savage, a label so future forward yet true to her African roots. Everything that Clan stands for is just a helpful warning for other designers to rethink what the words ‘game changer’ and ‘innovator’ means.

The best part about all of this is that even when she is busy creating she still has the time to be a mother to three beautiful daughters ‘Aba, Teni and Tiwa Sagoe’. Aba and Teni are humbly supporting their mother through the Clan line and it just leaves room for imagination. The thoughts of an all “Female Powerhouse” and all beautiful black women making a name for themselves is just eye opening and attention grabbing. The idea of these daughters coming up with more brand creativity just leaves room for more fashion madness and a very unpredictable future. I can’t be naïve to think I have seen it all. The Sagoe’s are taking over your mind, your ego level but most of all your hearts.

God Bless Nigeria, God bless Fashion and God bless Deola Sagoe and her three guardian angels.

Omar-Farouk, 25, has a Bachelor’s in Drama/Creative Writing for Kingston University London and a Master’s in Acting for Film in New York and Los Angeles. He has a few short stories and poetry under his belt, as well as IMDB credits for two American movies. He also landed a scene in Nigerian production, The CEO and is presently building his personal magazine.

Instagram: farouqedu


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