African Union proposes one passport, one currency: Is the world coming to an end?

Before anything, let’s be clear on the headline – it’s a joke.

Anyway, word on the street is that the African Union plans on introducing a singular currency and passport in the year 2063. President Muhammadu Buhari attended the AU summit in Johannesburg, South Africa where AU commissioner for Economic Affairs, Anthony Maruping said the Union is already considering adopting a single currency as part of the Agenda 2063 road map.

He even hinted that leaders of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi have already signed a protocol in Kampala for the adoption of a common currency in the next 10 years. He further said that the AU is also contemplating inaugurating a common African passport to boost the integration of all Africans saying it will make it easier for Africans to travel without restrictions.

I mean, the European Union also has something like this going on, if not totally the same but it somehow similar. But personally I think it’s a good idea, I would like to travel to any African country without restrictions and I think it will reduce devaluation of currency, I’m no economist just thinking it should.

This is a move Zambia President Michael Sata opposed in 2013 stating that using one passport will promote crime and other vices on the continent.

“AU has no control over Zambia. Zambia makes its own laws,” he said.

Well, some Nigerians already feel it is a good about it saying it will be a good development and unite the African nations.

Not every Nigerian though. According to my boss:

I think it’s the beginning of the rapture. This is what happened in Left Behind! End times!

But come to think of it, doesn’t it mean the world is coming to an end?  Just thinking out loud and saying though, if the one currency is adopted, doesn’t that mean we are moving towards the end of the world like we were taught as children during Sunday school teaching?

I mean isn’t that what we were all taught in Sunday School? The next move will be one government and once that is achieved then the world is over, rapture takes place and people like us that are ready will make heaven while people like my boss will remain on Earth to experience the Antichrist like it was told in the bible. If lucky, he might still make heaven or just ultimately go to hell fire.

My other coworkers were a bit more measured in their responses:

 “A single AU currency can’t be sustained with Africa and her corruption.”

“Not sure it will work at the moment in Africa. We don’t have good economic models, much less structures to afford it. We are only trying to do copy- cat. Even the whole Europe can’t do it yet.”

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