Opinion: Is competition between women such a bad thing?

by Ona Amanda Eze

In a conversation with my hairstylist, I got to know that she has more male than female friends. This isn’t because she wants it that way, but because she feels much comfortable that way. I also had the privilege of talking to a few other people on their preference of friends based on sex, and most of the responses I got, although different, were basically geared towards my stylist’s view too. So it boils down to a question as simple as why we ladies have to be our own problems?

I’m seeing a movie—here, the lady gets a nice dress. Its beauty obviously couldn’t be put up for a debate. I know this because when she got to the venue of her occasion in the same dress paired with a lovely makeover, her male colleague who happens to dislike her so much can’t get his eyes off her. But of course, her ‘dearest’ lady friends, although smiling at her with arms outstretched and eyes reading ‘unbelievable’ feel uncomfortable because she’s somehow in their heads shifted attention from them.

What is it with us ladies? It’s sad because this competition doesn’t end at the movies; it continues in reality, this time, tougher and more brutal, with a seeming less chance of salvation. Is it really inevitable to want the good of your kind? Of course, there may be exceptions, but I haven’t exactly noticed, or maybe it’s because there aren’t.

I believe this hate is born from a mind of inferiority complex, a feeling that has ruined many of us ladies, an ugly feeling which has made us feel success is limited and must be brawled over. A feeling which has made us strive to see each other’s ruins, in hope that an abstract string of rivals would be cut off, so we remain the only ones in the race of emptiness and self- righteousness.

Eventually, if we haven’t caused more harm than good, we’d have to realize that:

  • There’s no competition
  • The only competition is yourself
  • We could grow together
  • There’s sky enough for everyone to thrive.
  • Since we fight so much for gender equality, why not emulate their sense of brotherhood too?YOUR ONLY RIVAL IS YOUR ABILITY TO IMPROVE YOURSELFStay Witty,Ona…

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