Opinion: Guest Post | YABATECH students have been enslaved

by Anonymous

You may have probably heard great stories about the institution being a citadel of excellence, but it’s nothing more than an old glory. The institution has a pronounced slogan which says the first is still the best, that used to be true before the management was hoarded with less creative, stone hearted, myopic, naïve and self-centered administration.

The management of Yaba college of technology has gone too far! They are no different from the British who came to Nigeria and dragged us into slavery using us to wash their linens. Unknown to everyone out there, the students of Yabatech are being maltreated, extorted, ignored and manipulated. We are basically enslaved students!

Don’t be marvelled by what is going to be posted under this article, as your jaw drops, don’t bother fixing it cos it’s going to drop again.

It all started with the management looking for a loophole to remove the SUG from the school so that they can carry out their ploy. Which succeeded in 2015, they suspended our SUG then set hell on us.

Listed below are a list of unscrupulous disgusting unethical things they’ve been doing to us students:


– Silencing students: The school silenced us, we can’t speak out or cry out because we are being threatened with EXPULSION. Any student who tries to step out or lay complaints, try to protest or raise issues publicly will be shut up, detained and expelled. Raise your voice and try to voice out, your life in school is at risk, you dare not talk. This is very wrong. Student shed tears because of this, they have no one to run to, no one to talk to, nowhere to complain, we are being broken.


– Exorbitant Bills: Well, what do we expect from a school without student union government, we have no voice and we can’t complain only abide.


Here is a list of naïve and extravagant bills we have/are paying:

– Hostel fee has been increased by the management and we can’t complain or protest because we have no SUG and we will be expelled if we protest.


– Returning students had to pay N5,000 for transcript during registration. This is basically sending our result from one building to another WITHIN THE SCHOOL and EACH returning student had to pay N5,000 for that why? So N5,000 is now the transport fare to carry our statement of result to an opposite building?


> Remember when a girl about to write her final paper and graduate died in the school because our medical care ignored her and didn’t treat her that we rose in anger and vandalised the medical care. What the students destroyed didn’t even need up to N100,000 to repair.

You won’t believe what the school did. They billed EVERY STUDENT N5,000. Yes, five thousand naira unless they will not collect their results when graduating.STUDENTS ARE HELPLESS!!! Their result will rot in the school unless they pay that N5000.


We had over 10,000+ students in that session, multiple it by 5,000 I’m sure my fingers will get tired from typing the Zeros.


Now let’s get to Grand finale of the whole matter.

Remember the hostel that got burnt?

Remember the girls that were taken to the ER because they were badly injured?

Remember the number of properties lost -gadgets, documents, clothes, money, everything?

The school has abandoned the girls!!!!!!

The RECTOR who is supposed to be our Supreme guardian didn’t even call a meet with the girls affected. Those that still need medical care has been chased away with excuses. The one that broke her neck, the one that shifted her spine, oh lord…

No compensation

No accommodation

No clothes

No property

These girls are still struggling to meet up with lectures and exams, coming from home, everyday. Yes, Yabatech is very heartless


Others Problems We Face:


– No electricity: Electricity shouldn’t be an issue in a student environment, but our own case is different. We don’t even have light, and the few times we do, the porters refuse to switch on the hostel light FOR NO REASON! They only give us light from 7pm to 9pm then 5am to 6am. Just 5 hours in 24 hours, how do we cope?

That’s just a tip of the iceberg. You need to come by the school in the evening and see the part-time students receiving lectures with torch lights. What the hell? I just can’t.


– Unbearable classroom conditions: Classrooms should be a place where students find comfort in learning but that’s not the case in Yabatech. All you can find arehis damaged chairs & tables that have been there for more than 7years, students are always at alert in fear of dangerous insects(Bed bugs being the Number 1), carrying bed bugs to our house or hostel after lectures, we can’t even sleep.


– Unserviced labs: Yabatech labs cannot be compared with secondary school labs since the creation of this labs over many years ago we still use the same old and outdated equipment and tools. How do we survived in the labour market when all we do is the same thing that was done 10years ago. Even in the new computer labs that were created about 3years ago, you’ll hardly find a working computer.


All these complaints stated above are facts; you won’t understand the kind of pain and suffering we’ve been enduring since we became enslaved. We are on our knees begging. I speak for a myriad of students facing this issue in YABATECH, we can’t die in silence anymore.

On a final note please I plead, I beg, I reach for help from anyone who knows what is feels like being a student living in this condition to take this up.


I plead with the federal government to come to this school and ask questions, not from the management because all they do is cover up, but from random students to express themselves and then they shall known the whole truth, come and help us, come and bail us out of being slaved students, make it top priority to reinstate our Student Union Government, so that we can have a voice.


We are crying, we are suffering, we are tired, we are enslaved…..

Op–ed pieces and contributions are the opinions of the writers only and do not represent the opinions of Y!/YNaija

PS: The author requested to remain anonymous

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  • Satoya says:

    what a shame thank GOD I almost apply for HND in yabatech, with this write I can never try that.

    Not only that, the way and manner d school is been run it’s not OK, other schools are done with first semester exams, HND but yabatech are just resuming.

    It’s a big blow to our generation, corruption has overshadowed everyone in that school

    what kind of a school operate without any SUG, I pity u all that are still there, God of justice will expose those unscrupulous elements that are trying to hinder the success and future of his children, of what use is the school management when every is thing is ruin because of them.


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