Opinion: He or she

by Onome Onodarho

Sometime last year I sat down to watch one of my favourite shows on CNN the Piers Morgan tonight show. The guest that night was Chaz  Bono formally know as Chastity Bono. He had undergone a sex change transforming from female to male, his reasons “I never felt I was in the right body”.

Chaz’s story is one of the many that occur regularly in our world and the more I hear about them the more I can’t put my head around it.
I am a huge supporter of gender rights and I also accept peoples rights to whatever sexual orientation they choose but I am strongly against gender transformation.

Boys will be boys and girls will be girls. Girls want to cuddle and hug, Boys want to ‘high five’ their friends and enjoy their sports. These things are innate and cannot be acquired no matter how hard man tries to play God.

I strongly feel there ought to be better use for the gift of science. Of what use is medicine if not to provide solutions to important health issues. Important health issues include finding  cures for HIV/AIDS, cancer and sickle cell. Medicine should be used for the greater good and not pamper a disillusioned mind.

If a person complains to a doctor about not feeling comfortable in their God given body then they should get a referral to a psychologist to help them better understand themselves and the order of nature. My greatest fear is what happens when  a person that has had a sex change decides they want to go back to their original gender. Do we now keep switching back and forth?

God and nature clearly  intended for humans to be he or she and nothing else and its best we respect that order.


About the author: Onome Onodarho is a budding HR professional, currently undergoing her National Youth Service with one of the commercial banks in Nigeria.


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  1. I think this article is a little bit biased. You don't have to like someone's decisions. Just respect it.

    Another issue I have with this is viewing people's decisions in the light of religion. "Oh God is against Homosexuality, God is against Gender Transformation". The same God is against FORNICATION, but isn't that the norm in our present society? We live in a world where fornication is celebrated. No one comes out to write articles like this about it (well except those religious people, trying to win souls, but people hardly read those articles. Lol) . Religion is a package deal. If you're gonna look at it, look at it ALL. Thank you.

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