Shifting hormones, and 4 more reasons women cheat nearly as much as men

by Maria Lloyd

It’s a new day and a new way of living. According to a study conducted by Indiana University, women today cheat at about the same rate as men.

The study found that 19% of married women and 23% of married men reported cheating, practically closing the cheating gender gap. The study predicts female infidelity may soon rival or surpass male cheating. Even more interesting, the study found the common age for married women who are cheating is 45, while the common age for men is 55. (Please note: These numbers report the number of participants who admitted to cheating. The numbers may be even higher in actuality.)

For years you’ve heard women are “emotional” cheaters, meaning they only cheat when they feel neglected emotionally- not physically. In this new age of digital love connections, women’s reasons for cheating are quickly evolving. Here is a list of reasons why I believe women cheat:

  1.  Thrill. Women are often revered as dainty, responsible, eloquent, and kind. Sometimes they want to go against the odds and do something abnormal. It’s exciting and it makes them feel like a kid again.
  2. Save Face. Some women cheat as a means of securing their own ego once they’ve gained knowledge of their significant other’s affair. It makes them feel as if they have a “one up” on their significant other.
  3. Shifting hormones. Between their 30′s and 40′s, women face a drastic shift in testosterone levels. Their bodies are practically screaming for sex.
  4. Curiosity. Women who have had the same sex partner for a decade or more, may feel the need to see if they’ve still got ‘it’ (‘it’ being the ability to arouse someone other than their significant other).
  5. Money. Love doesn’t pay the bills. When a woman is contributing to a substantial amount of household expenses, she feels empowered to do as she pleases- even if that means dating other people during her marriage.

Although I am not pleased to hear that infidelity is on the rise, I am pleased to know studies are reflecting what I’ve believed for years: Men and women each have the same probability of cheating.

I’ve always thought the “all men cheat” ideology to be silly and solely driven by a sexist society that deems women as “helpless” or solely dependent upon their spouse.

If you want to explore your sexuality, my advice is to have open communication with your significant other and acquire an understanding. If they’re not willing to adjust to your new way of life, you have to decide if your desires are worth leaving them or hurting them. Either way, a compromise has to be made by you and your lover.

This article was first published at Black Like Moi.


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