Opinion: Homosexuality is un-African and rightly unlawful

by Isa Eneye Mubarak


Many continue to look at this “gay” issue with the eyes of a 5-year-old— all innocent: “Oh love is love”, “What the problem if they care for each other”, “Live and let live” as if those are the core issues surrounding this social dilemma. The issue of homosexuality and lesbianism in the African community is one which is a challenge to the cultural integrity and moral fabric of African societies which are traditionally pro-life and pro-life systems.

– “Love shouldn’t be guided by laws. It should be guided by two consenting and willing hearts, be it man and man, woman and woman or otherwise.”

If that’s the case why the outcry about Incest? Voyeurism, and many other fetishes?

Historically, the adventures of Europe into Africa were masqueraded under the notion of European’s civilizing mission in Africa. Out of that Africans became colonial victims, slaves, subjects of apartheid, cultural orphans loyal to European products and ideals, and lost control over their resources. Centuries later, the subject has changed, but the agenda has not.

– “I was born gay, why should I be criminalized for something I have no control over?”

The question itself is slightly flawed. If the purpose of the question is to justify it then murder and paedophilia are also according to psychologists human nature so can murder or rape be justified by a person who claims that he was born that way? Since, like, homosexuality, it is not genetic (or proven to be).

“But there are so many crimes and atrocities in the world, why focus and waste time on such a harmless sexual activity?”

All kinds of sexuality related habits are governed by the majority culture of a specific location.

The law is important for a society, for it serves as a norm of conduct for citizens. It was also made to provide for proper guidelines and order upon the behaviour of all citizens. And as Africans, our laws are shaped in accordance with our philosophy and moral jurisdiction. We are people with specific cultures, African culture is generally at odds with homosexuality. African values cannot be measured against European standards

– “It is a human right violation” Oh okay. But “Human Rights” can be used by any group to achieve anything, however ridiculous.

It is almost amazing to see European nations, who allow all kinds of same-sex marriage under the banner of “human rights,” then take issue with a Muslim woman’s head-dress (Hijab) as a source of “cultural tension” (in Italy) or incompatible with our values (Jack Straw, UK). The same Europe that criminalises what dress its minorities can wear in France is screaming gay rights at Africa. Wow.

Tomorrow human rights could say the death penalty is “inhumane” because Amnesty says so. Torture was once an unthinkable violation of our basic humanity, the US has new laws which now say it isn’t.

Many groups (paedophiles, Objektophil, Fat discrimination advocates, etc) are using the exact same argument of civil rights to allow incestuous marriages and paedophile. What is the difference between their arguments and the gay rights argument for recognitions, isn’t discrimination? Or do we belittle their so-called rights?

“What people choose to do behind closed doors is no one’s business.”

As much as sex is a private matter it has communal consequence and thus to some degree in the interest of the broader community. However, the specifics of someone’s private life should not be worn on their sleeve. Sex or homosexuality is not the totality of any identity or lifestyle. Sex is an aspect of humanity not the totality and priority of human definition.

The most important question is are we (Africans) free as intelligent human beings to completely disagree with the gay rights position? Can we as intelligent people formulate opinions and attitudes of our own? Just like the gay rights have done. Or must we be forced to agree to their arguments? Is this then not supremacy? Because you are saying you are right and that we are wrong and backwards. But we disagree, why can’t they respect that disagreement and not call us homophobes instead.

Africa’s position, which contrasts those of Europe, is therefore at odds with logic and humanity—according to Western humanist. Polygamy is backwards, Female Genital Cutting (not mutilation) is brutal, Islam is oppressive, dowry is degrading to women, Christianity is a colonial remnant, feminism is the way and on and on.

The assault on our African belief system is justified, with the West constantly feeling the need to play parent and Tarzan. Deep down the underlying ideology is the belief that Africa’s destiny is to become more “European .” This is why regardless of how much culture, ideology, and philosophy African throws back it is all considered “backward.”

On the argument on nature vs. nurture, that humans conform to it, i.e we are neither born straight or gay. They should understand that what separates a human being from an animal is that with sincere effort and struggle we humans can have control over our desires whereas an animal does not.

Africans as religious and cultural people believe they (gays and lesbians) both go against the natural disposition which ‘The creator’ has created in mankind – and also in animals – whereby the male is inclined towards the female, and vice versa.

Whoever goes against that goes against the natural disposition of mankind.

The sexual union between a man and a woman is designed by God to be a perfect fit anatomically and emotionally. The sexual organs are anatomically designed by God to introduce sperm to the female organ, and the breast to feed the offspring, even science will agree to this logic to an extent. Throughout history, no religious, secular or moral tradition ever advocated same-sex marriage.

Same-sex sexual behaviour is a distortion of God’s design for human sexuality and denies the need for traditional avenues of procreation. A penis to penis, a vagina to vagina, and in turn go all the way through the anus (which is a substitute for the vagina), and lesbians instead buy a sex toy – which is a substitute and a look alike of the penis. Such confusion and distortion in the natural order of things.

Homosexuality is like a trend, social experiment, a curiosity drive, some sort of adventure into the unexplored world, a psychological issue. Children have the right to be created—not by cloning or from anonymous genetic donors – the essence of family which is fundamental in the African society becomes threatened and shaken to its core. Children who are raised in households of same-sex parents are more likely to engage in sexual experimentation at early ages, are more sexually promiscuous and more likely to adopt a homosexual identity themselves.

Without the law to curb this menace, people will start marrying dogs, trees, and what ever and blame it on their sexual orientation. Gay people say they were born that way, a man says “I’m attracted to my fellow man” and we say he should be given freedom to do so. Another says, “I’m 50, I’m attracted to 12y olds” but he should be hanged for paedophilia.

If the argument of free will is used, why cant we walk down the street naked, when we choose? The moral taboo of sex with minors and incest is no different to the arguments used by the gay lobby.

Some will cite age of consent, but the age of consent is not a universal value, it is a legal term which has different values in time and location. Age of consent in old Arabia and ancient India might be 12 years old. So there is actually no moral objection to paedophilia only a legal argument which is only to do with age of consent . Now outside of age of consent what is the taboo associated with paedophilia?

If we intend to welcome ‘gaydom’ we might as well welcome paedophilia and “incestsexuals” while at that.

Each society must go through its own intelligent processes to figure out what is best for their interest. Europe has always been free to find its own path, and so too must Africa. And success can never be measured by us all meeting up at the same conclusions because that would be an assault on diversity and plurality.

The reason there is an “Africa” for us to learn from is that someone, somewhere, in the African world made sure that the values which we hold dear were transmitted across the generations. We, those living, must weigh, evaluate the wisdom of old against new knowledge, and in our sovereign way determine if these values have enough merit to be passed on. On the issue of a homosexual lifestyle, Africa— once again, for the thousandth generation running, most Africans (by a landslide majority) has determined it is not desirable and not to be promoted, harboured or encouraged.

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