Opinion: Nigerians and revolution in the National Assembly

by Aniete Adams


Alhaji Salisu Maikasuwa must be commended for discouraging and decapitating any negative manifestations of those bureaucratic maladies in his re-energised National Assembly to the extent that legislative apparatchinks have hailed him as a primus inter pares and an exemplary public servant par excellence in our democratic dispensation.

With public service spanning over three decades and having held major positions of responsibility without blemish while maintaining a high record of integrity and unvarnished rectitude, Alhaji Salisu Maikasuwa’s assumption of office as Clerk to the National Assembly, three years ago, was met with undeniably high expectations as his commitment to the apex legislature has all along been evident to both peers, superiors and subordinates all along.

And coupled with his well worn reputation as a stickler for professional excellence, exemplary performance, operational efficiency and administrative fastidiousness in all it’s ramifications, many felt that indeed a Daniel had come to judgment in the activities and operations of the vast and sprawling NASS bureaucracy of over 7,000 staff, management, political aides and allied personnel amongst others.

However, a highly motivated and superbly dedicated Alhaji Salisu Maikasuwa has so far surpassed the wildest expectations and imaginations of his teeming admirers while his minority of traducers were forced to eat humble pie and rather ironically have even become his most vocal and ardent supporters on account of the superlative achievements and milestones laid by the erudite and sagacious Chiroma Keffi’s diligent and dynamic leadership permutations.

To a man, millions of Nigerians have had no other choice but to salute the tremendous strides realised by a kinetic Alhaji Salisu Maikasuwa who had within a relatively short period of time totally transformed the National Assembly and repositioned, re-structured and re-engineered it for more efficient and responsive service delivery to the Nigerian populace. In this regard, Nigerians of different persuasions and variegated works of life have continued to reflect on the Chiroma Keffi’s transformational agenda and its revolutionary implications for the legislature in Nigeria and the global community in general.

Dr Akin Ayoade; Nigerian Democratic Agenda: ‘While the elected politicians hold sway in the political leadership of the National Assembly, there is no doubt that the administrative leadership superintended by Alhaji Maikasuwa forms the crucible and pivot for the running and day-to-day operations of the apex legislature. While the political leadership might be disposed to joining the fray of partisan politics, the Maikasuwa desiderata acts as an objective and impartial check against any attempt to drag the National Assembly management behind any nebulous or spurious political agenda or interest. Crucially, the integrity and sagacity displayed by a resolute and principled Alhaji Salisu Maikasuwa has kept the National Assembly above the fray and impervious to narrow, primordial or entrenched factional interests or antics’.

Comrade Mustapha Abdulkadir; Students For Responsive Government: ‘As far as political, sectional or sectarian interests are concerned, Alhaji Salisu Maikasuwa is unbending and uncompromising in totally rejecting any attempt to introduce or nurture it within the precincts of the National Assembly and he stands for what is pan-Nigerian, nationalistic, patriotic and inclusive in all material respects. He has no constituency other than the whole of Nigeria and both the political and administrative arms of the National Assembly including the Senate President, Speaker etc have come to respect and admire him for his strictly neutralist and impartial, administrative and managerial stance’.

Barrister Esther Ofili, Committee For Constitutional Democracy: ‘With respect to the obedience and subservience to court orders, statutes, laws, public service orders and above all the Nigerian constitution, the National Assembly under Alhaji Salisu Maikasuwa can be scored 100% or even more as there has never been a single instance where there has been any negation or derogation from such orders or statutes or the constitution for that matter.

The NASS under Maikasuwa obeys court orders to the last letter not caring whose ox is gored in the process and the Legal Department’s advice on any issue is thoroughly analysed and scrutinized before it’s adoption for further action. To this end politicians, activists, statesmen and federal legislators have had no reason to doubt or question any action carried out by the NASS management purportedly on the orders of a court or in accordance with constitutional stipulations’.

Barrister Mofe Omatseye; League Of Democratic Lawyers: ‘Democracy cannot thrive in an atmosphere of lack of transparency, accountability, due process and corrupt malfeasance and misconduct. And on this score, Alhaji Salisu Maikasuwa must be commended for discouraging and decapitating any negative manifestations of those bureaucratic maladies in his re-energised National Assembly to the extent that legislative apparatchinks have hailed him as a primus inter pares and an exemplary public servant par excellence in our democratic dispensation.

His commitment to the rule of law and due process is unwavering and unshakable like the rock of Gilbatrar. Any attempt to commit fraud or cut corners normally runs into a brick wall as Alhaji Maikasuwa stands steadfast, unmovable, uncompromising, unflinching and stalwart in his total rejection of such malfeasances while standing resolutely in support and solidarity for due process, rule of law, probity, transparency and accountability’.

Comrade Choji Pam; Institute For Democratic Reform: ‘Without mincing words, Alhaji Salisu Maikasuwa has fought several battles with a powerful but despotic cabal who sought to strangulate and direct the affairs of NASS for their own self serving and self perpetuating interest and in all those battles he has emerged triumphant as he has truth, justice, equity, fair play, honour and unvarnished rectitude as his armour and invaluable support.

The willful cabal has been forced to beat a hasty retreat in the face of the irresistible momentum and incontestable tide of his administrative, bureaucratic and organisational reforms and policies. In fact the sponsors and promoters of the nefarious cabal have found themselves on the wrong side of history and increasingly isolated, marginalised and sidelined from major policy decisions of the new paradigm thrust objective’.

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