Opinion: President Bubu needs to book a flight or type a letter

by UgoTalks Alot

I decided to book a flight to London. I don’t have a visa or money for said flight, but you know, with Jesus all things c’est possible.

The lowest flight I could find was roughly around N118,000 when you convert it based on the CBN rigged rates.

Why is my broke ass booking this flight you ask? I’m just curious to find out the barest minimum President Bubu’s trip to U.K. has cost Nigerians.

The cost of Buhari’s flight is obviously way more than N118,000 but considering most Nigerians earn nowhere near that per month it’s still a lot of money.

Next thing is the cost of President Bubu’s health care. God knows what that amount is, but when you’ve been getting medium to intense healthcare for over a month you don’t need to consult any babalawo to know it’s automatically in the millions of Naira.

Then there’s the matter of the people that have travelled on tax payers money to go and visit Presido Bubs. (Yes I’ll keep shortening President Buhari’s name like the economy has been shortening my spending power). The latest on the list of visitors is Senate President ‪Saraki, Speaker Dogara and Speaker Dogara’s pot belly. That pot belly is noteworthy for those of you that would like to give it a rub. (No judgment here). Just look at his cheeks, doesn’t he look cute? Yes, he does, yes he does. ?

All these officials have travelled for a purposeless meeting, accompanied by staff that generally have no purpose and if you didn’t know, let me tell you that aviation fuel is now expensive.

I also have another matter some of you may not consider important. It is the money Aso Rock is spending on data to tweet the nonsensical excuses. I’m here checking how much data I have left every time I open snapchat and some overpaid aide is tweeting intellectual obscenities for free. What a betrayed!

Also on the menu is the food, bills and what not that President Bu and all his helpers in the UK are costing us. I mean, that tea he is always drinking, how much is the milk inside? I’m surely not the only one that has reduced the quantity of milk I take. He’s there drinking milk like it’s from his cattle ranch. Smh.

I wish I could give you actual figures, but this is a country that doesn’t know how much it’s senators get paid. But do feel free to use your imaginations to fill the budget, after all that’s what the government does.

I for one think that the President B should either come back home or resign and take care of himself at his own expense. Which technically is still at our own expense because who are we really kidding here, the pension and perks from being a former head of state was/should still be more than most Nigerians earn.

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