#Loving&Living: The number one post-divorce decision

by David Wygant


Your home is your castle. Your home is the one place that will really make you feel whole again.

What do you think your biggest life decision is?

Is it the job you choose? Is it where you live? Is it where you raise your children?


The biggest life decision that you will make is whom you’re going to have a relationship with. The person you choose for your life partner is the person who’s going to determine whether or not you lead a happy, stress-free, amazing life or a shitty one.

A lot of you are divorced, so you know exactly what I’m talking about here.

Many of you reading this right now have been through a divorce, and you realize that the choices you made and the person you decided to marry caused a slight downfall in your life.

Your home is your castle. Your home is the one place that will really make you feel whole again. You can be immensely stressed at the office, but if you come back to a peaceful home — a home that’s full of love, nourishment, and understanding — you can recharge your batteries emotionally, mentally and physically. You can go to sleep at night knowing that you’re in a safe place, and it doesn’t really matter what happens at work because the home front really determines how happy and fulfilled your life is going to be.

You know what I’m talking about. A lot of you have been through divorces that were just miserable.

A lot of clients that I’ve worked with over the years have gone through divorces that have been brutal. They’ve experienced years and years of fighting, and their home was in no way a peaceful, loving environment.

I encourage you to look in the mirror and realize that you have another chance to do this all again. You have another chance to create happiness in your home. You have the chance to go out and meet somebody spectacular, but only when you know what you want, desire and need from a relationship are you most likely to find it.

Most people repeat the same relationships over and over again until they finally feel so much pain that they vow to never do it again. A healthy, happy, amazing relationship is what you’re questing for, and it’s the reason you got divorced.

So when you’re out there dating again, I strongly suggest that you know what your needs, wants and desires are — it’s the only way to attract that amazing, loving, powerful relationship you deserve.

This piece was first  published in Huffington Post.


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