Patricia Omoqui: Have the “Low Self-Esteem Virus?” Try this remedy

by Patricia Omoqui

Do voices of judgment from your growing up years still echo through your mind? 

Low self-esteem is a widespread mental affliction—a “virus” that has reached epidemic proportions.  Almost all people carry this virus and few are symptom free. Typical indications of infection include anxiety, helplessness, depression, addictions (to work, food, alcohol, drugs etc.) and dysfunctional relationships.

In my work as The Thought Dr., I daily hear clients’ secret thoughts, their anguished beliefs about themselves.

I believe low self-worth is a condition we contract as small children.  From early one, we are compared to our siblings and classmates.  We are constantly being told that somehow we don’t measure up:  “Your grades aren’t as good as your friend’s…You need to lose some weight… You aren’t as good an athlete as your brother…What is wrong with you? You can’t do anything right!” Thus thoughts and feelings of self-doubt begin to infest our minds and hearts. The low self-esteem virus has set in.

Do voices of judgment from your growing up years still echo through your mind? Unfortunately, almost everyone reading this article can answer, “Yes.” These critical voices play a major role in molding our self-identity. From them, we develop our own harshly critical inner voice.

We put ourselves down. We disparage others. Then we suppress the inner pain.  At the same time, we try to come off as confident. We become determined to show others how important we are. We compete to have the nicest clothes, the flashiest cars and the most money. We believe that somehow these outward accomplishments can soothe the feelings of inner lack that gnaw at us.

So, we run ourselves ragged. We push ourselves to extremes. We put tremendous pressure on ourselves and never allow ourselves to simply feel happy about who we are.

I am here to offer you a remedy. Think of it as a prescription for your thoughts.

Think of the following paragraph as a container of new thought tablets. Write them down. Keep them with you. Take several generous doses of this new thinking as part of your daily regimen.  Say them in the morning.  Choose a few favourites to repeat throughout the day. Take one last dose of self-love at bedtime.

I am a being of intrinsic value and inestimable worth. I was born valuable. I am worthy of love just as I am. I am an eternal spirit, a unique expression of Life in a human body. There is a place in the world just for me, a purpose only I can fill. I give myself permission to love myself right now. I no longer need to prove my worth by acquiring possessions.  I release myself from having to impress the world by what I do. I let go of the pressure I put on myself.  I can just be me. Plain and simple—I am worthy. I am unique, authentic and full of love. By honouring myself I give a gift to the world. I offer myself acceptance, approval and love.

Patricia Omoqui, The Thought Dr.TM, is an executive coach and business consultant, the author of Clarify Your Purpose and Live It! She is sought after as an inspirational speaker, life coach and corporate/civil service trainer. She calls herself Naija Oyinbo. Connect on FB: Patricia Omoqui ThoughtDr or Twitter: @patriciaomoqui. Visit

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  1. Hmmm.. Touchy-feely

  2. "Great thoughts. Building a positive self-concept will improve your self-esteem."


  3. Wow thanks 4 dis.dis as really made my day!I can totally relate wt all u a kid I was emotionally abused by my parents,teachers nd family members.nd nw I ve a low self I am gonna try everything u said here nd hopefully I get better.

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