Personal assistant & 9 more jobs that’ll be made extinct by technology

by Anirban Halder



The new tech savvy generation is self sufficient to take care of them. They do not need any help from a P.A. A cellular device is now capable of booking tickets to being your boarding pass or be your scheduler.


Technology, as we know, has always represented the fact that human mind is growing, and on a positive track. Be it the evolution of computers or aeroplanes or voice commands on a cellular device, technology has always helped humans to evolve themselves. Along the way of aiding humans, technology has created so many career opportunities for the working class that it is inevitable to see how it is not a boon for everyone. But as the idiom goes – here today gone tomorrow. If technology is creating jobs now, it’s not necessary that future will hold the same for us. Let us look at a few jobs that can be made extinct by technology.

1. Newspapers/ Newspaper Vendors

With busy schedule and hectic lifestyle, people hardly get a chance to read newspapers. For all the latest news or viral content they go on social media sites or their smartphone is capable of delivering the same to them. People who are loyal to the newspapers or like having to hold a newspaper in hand will never leave reading it but the next generation might like to save paper and move on to the digital platform.

P.S. – Allegedly, Stan Lee was once asked by a journalist that why doesn’t he create comics for a digital platform. In reply he said, “Comics are like boobs, they look great on a screen but I’d rather hold one in my hand.”

2. Retail Outlets

With online shopping websites and megastores on an upsurge and aggressive marking done by these sites, it is needless to say that there will be a time when retail houses and stores will be begging for customers. Indian people are still skeptical but they are accepting these sites.

P.S. – It will still be impossible to keep women away from retail outlets simply because they love spending hours shopping. And the loss percentage of Flipkart was 17% last year, which they have said they will recover in this year.

3. Video Stores/Movie Rental Places

Okay! So they are already down to the dust and only a few left for those who still go for the old school DVDs and Blu-Rays. Legally or illegally—every movie that you want to see is available online. With advent P2P technology and online streaming of movies on Netflix or Hulu, it’s only a matter of time that these stores shut down completely.

P.S. – People who have collected such CDs or DVDs of classic music albums or movies will be remembered for years to come.

4. Librarians

The concept of high-tech libraries are already in the pipe-line and many have also showed this concept to the public. The concept is you walk in a library, search the book you want and it will tell you where the book is in the library. One can scan the book and get himself registered for the book. Security can be maintained via CCTV cameras to avoid any discrepancy.

P.S. – Technology can make it better but you’ll miss the joy of talking to the librarian and get information about various books. Human touch will be missed.

5. Travel Agents

Travel websites have like makemytrip and expedia are flourishing like anything. All you need to do is register and from tickets to minutest details of your tour will be planned by these websites. Even the officials will visit your place to get your tour/holiday in place.

P.S. – You might miss the additional discount you could get by flattering your travel agents.

6. Translators

Although a translator’s job might never go obsolete when it comes to governmental work. And technology will serve the purpose of improving the job of a translator. It is a job in which technology and humans will go hand in hand. Human errors are altered by technology whereas the emotions will be impacted by the translator to the perfectly interpreted speech.

P.S. – Technology in this field is beneficial for all. It will promote people to learn more number of languages.

7. Car Drivers

It is needless to say that because of human error, accidents happen every minute. So imagine a computer or a robot driving you safely to your destination. The researchers at Google are ready with a prototype and they would like to make driverless cars a reality.

P.S. – If this ever becomes a reality, be prepared to miss the small talks between you and the driver.

8. Personal Assistants

The new tech savvy generation is self sufficient to take care of them. They do not need any help from a P.A. A cellular device is now capable of booking tickets to being your boarding pass or be your scheduler.

P.S. – The sad part is that the idea of a ‘hot assistant’ will die out.

9. Fast Food Chefs

People who work at a fast food joint are already criticized for their work and this might be heartbreaking for them. With the pace at which technology is rising nowadays the day is not far when burger vending machines come up or a machine that makes sandwiches.

P.S. – It doesn’t matter at what pace technology catches up, the guy who serves the burger will always be respected.

10. Postmen

Indian telegram service was shut down last year. It is just a matter of time that the rest of services provided by Indian Postage will die out. It is really sad to say this but technology might not be able to help the postman or postal services.

P.S. – They might not do their conventional work—delivering letters, but they can be utilized in promoting government schemes in the remotest corner of the country.


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