This is Peter Obi’s speech everyone has been talking about

Former Anambra State governor, Peter Obi on Saturday spoke at The Platform, an annual event on leadership, business, creativity and national empowerment- and everyone has been talking about it.

Obi spoke on cutting the cost of governance especially during this time of recession, while sharing his experience as a governor.

He talked about how he cut cost during his tenure by visiting Abuja alone when the need arises.

He also advised governors to scrap the Office of the First Lady which he said gulps N2bn monthly.

He said, “It costs an average of N2 billion to run the office of the First Lady in every state in Nigeria. Multiply by 36.

“Nigeria can still function on its income if only we learn how to cut cost.

“We need to cut the cost of governance. No governor needs a house in Abuja; governors don’t live in Abuja.

“Government house is not a restaurant, I told my cook to cook for only one person.”


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  1. Wen this man was in govt people hated him, calling him tight fisted “tight hand” for refusing to indulge in the excessive spending by govt officials but fit us to move forward as a nation these are d kind leaders we need, then we can all say collectively “change behind with me”

  2. my dear good governor , l don’t know u in person but enjoy ur good work, may almighty God bless u more& more in Jesus name Amen.

  3. God will bless the one’s that say the truth. Tanks Peter obi I wish u long life. Don’t mind the A P C fool’s party, u people’s time we soon take away.

  4. Mr Peter Obi is just what all of you said. One important thing here is that most people who commented positively on Obi are neither from Anambra nor have lived/visited it. I am from Anambra, Mr Obi did very well!

  5. What a touching speech. It is easier said than done. i just wish above all things that as He Peter Obi speaks if voted for he will change the change ha nierians have been looking for.

  6. Peter Obi for President 2019 by the grace of Almighty God

  7. Comment: Bravo! to my Governor emeritus. Good talk. It’s high time Nigerians learn how to cut cost make life simple. The government shd reduce the COST of living and increase the STANDARD of living. Good talk my Governor!

  8. Comment:no wonder he was impeached because the vultures couldn’t stand the good things he was doing in Anambra state. your excellency, three judgement s viz. :people, posterity and God re with you. remain blessed.

  9. Comment:These are the types of leaders we want in our Communities, local Government Areas, States and the Country Nigeria at large. I bow in respect.

  10. If we, in our little entrepreneurial and mumprenuerial businesses can use automations such as using Skype for business, how much more governments? If there is a will to reduce the cost of governance, there will always be a way. I pray our governments see the need for the will and then, the way.

    God bless Nigeria.

  11. Sounds like Magufuli of Tanzania

  12. He who feels it knows it. Experience is the best teacher. PMB should invite the former Gov Peter Obi for immediate practicalisation of these noble ideas he has postulated. The time is now. Nigeria cannot afford to wait much longer. Along with this is a constitutional review ,a workable federal Constitution. Good ideas cannot work under a bad constitution

  13. if u can make sense, please try at least to spread those who do!
    that is the way to win in building a peaceful society

  14. I have painstakingly read through comments of discerning Nigerians on the speeches at the this year edition of Platform. The summary is the need for good governance. However, nothing will ever change with our culture of absolute complacency. With our hybrid Governance system, Governor’s are too powerful than the President. The power intoxicated Governor’s manages public funds like personal funds creating multiple outlets for siphoning citizens heritage in the name business model or improved service delivery . Unfortunately, the complacent Nigerians are waiting for opportunity to step in such shoes rather than synergizing for change of order. Very clear, the current recession being experienced in Nigeria was a result of years of financial recklessness of public office holders, notably, with the return of DEMOCRACY in 1999. As a country, we need aggressive citizen’s education/orientation on good governance and the roles of stakeholders, to guarantee we can govern ourselves in the nearest future. Noting that the current leaders have failed to move Nigeria forward.

  15. Yet the Buhari led apc (All past criminals) are singing the chorus of Chang without showing the way or making any sacrifice instead they are saying change should begging with nigerians not them, hypocrites and deceivers, God will judge All of u

  16. Okwute for President!

  17. Only a passionate and sincere person can speak in this manner.
    The cost of Governance today is way much higher than wat it should be, all due to insincerity.
    Well spoken, by His excellency.
    On another note:
    His excellency i never knew you are also a Commedian oooo. The whole thing wan be like another ‘Night of a thousand laugh’
    Thank u very much Sir for that enlightenment.

  18. People in position of authority kept complaining about reduced reveues coming into the coppers of government but at the same time,they donot in anyway change their spending patterns. There are also still many areas of abuses. Why move about in convoys? Why travelling in first class with a large number of hungers on and irrelevant government officials nd non govt staffers. Why embark on unnecessary foreign trips and pay estacodes to both govt officials and invited friends as well as redundant acquantancies that add no value. Alot of money is also wasted on keeping guest houses and expensive kitchens that are open to abuses by all,for nobody accounts for anything.

  19. This man is a leader not a politician.. We need his type more. And like he said let people go in to politics for the right reasons

  20. Next president I think should be Fashola

  21. My fellow Nigeria we need youths that are highly educated and somebody who is God fearing person not Peter obi for presidency

  22. I remembered people calling him names because of his style of governance. Talks like women, works on principles and stingy with money.

  23. Comment:this is wat we need.saying de truth.nomatter de condition we facing now

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