President Buhari’s security team has a case to answer for allowing “supporters” throng his convoy

103 days into his medical vacation in London and President Muhammadu Buhari lands again on the soil of Nigeria. A return that was widely and aggressively clamoured for by Nigerians who had had enough of the aloofness of the president who swore to lead the country if not to the promised land but somewhere around its corner through change.

Upon news of his flight back to Nigeria, anticipation heightened across all parts. The population who could not line the streets that lead to the Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport in Abuja took formation on social media, with a few chanting ridiculously: “Baba Oyoyo”. When the Eagle finally landed in the presidential wing of the airport, he was met by top officials in his government plus everyone else who mattered.

Following his exit from the airport and drive to the Aso Villa, a video emerged showing a large party of supporters flinging themselves in between the cars that make up the presidential motorcade, apparently excited to have the president back in the country. In what may be termed as an effusive outpouring of love and support for the president lies what we strongly condemn as a security breach that should be addressed by the presidency.

The picture above shows what that road looked like before the President’s arrival. It had been closed to other users and rightly so leaving one to imagine how the security arrangement became so lax and resulted in the shameful sight in the video below:

The only other explanation that would suffice is that this jubilant crowd was rented to paint a picture of a loved-by-all president and that would not be out of line. The presidency was recently accused of paying a crowd to protest against the group of Nigerians who took to the streets of Abuja calling for the president to #ResumeorResign while he was away. Although the presidency was quick to rebut the claims, the #ResumeorResign protesters were attacked days ago.

If this massive crowd are simply Abuja residents who are ecstatic to receive their beloved Sai Baba, then whoever was assigned to take charge of the president’s security detail should be fired with immediate effect. It will be for the simple reason of leaving the number one citizen in the country at the mercy of a potentially volatile crowd. There could have been a suicide bomber, a gunman or any other dangerous individual with sinister intent in that crowd and yes, the president was susceptible to an attack today.

The president has been back less than few hours and his hypocritical party are already failing at their jobs. We hope this breach is addressed but if not, we’ll go to sleep with the assurance that that was another rented crowd and the presidency just made a political statement with it.

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  1. No case to answer by the security team, this is the true rudiments of democracy in Africa!!!

  2. They have no case.the supporters are security too no bombing.

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