[The Presidential Blog] Is Minister Lai our Kellyanne Conway?

Honestly, at this point, we cannot help but ask.

Just last week, Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, decided to take out the frustrations that the ruling party, All Progressives Congress, has been feeling over the wrongly-timed vacation of his boss on the whole of Nigeria. He went from being gobsmacked at our ability to question the move to being livid and threatening by the end of the week.

This week, he’s granting interviews where he’s trying to convince us that the Number 1 public servant is not only better than the millions of Nigerians that he promised to turn situations around for – a promise he’s quickly convincing Nigerians he may not be able to fulfil but that his upping and leaving in the middle of a serious government mistake that has cost 112 lives does not contradict their promise of leading by example. The administration was ushered into on the hopes of Change and it has since launched a controversial campaign that seeks to include all Nigerians in the process of attaining that Change – the “Change Begins with Me” campaign. A campaign that the Minister himself explained was geared towards changing “the poor attitude to work, the mindless corruption in our society“.

Now in a classic Kellyanne Conway move, the Minister has turned around to attempt a redefinition of the pillars of the campaign.

Kellyanne Conway, by the way, is the current White House Counselor whose job is to find every possible means to justify Donald Trump’s every crazy speech or action. She was somehow able to survive doing the same thing through his campaign and now she’s become the subject of scientific analysis of patterns of falsehood. 

The Minister, in an  interview with The Sun Newspapers, when asked about his thoughts on the sync or lack thereof between the President’s vacation and medical check up outside Nigeria, despite preaching the use of everything and every service made in Nigeria, here is how he responded:

I think anybody saying that is just stretching it too far. Look, anywhere in the world, you give priority to the health and security of the President. You do not say because of ‘change begins with me’,  your President is going on a leave, therefore, he cannot take the opportunity of being on leave to go for medical checkup, especially when he has been doing this even before he became Mr. President? And when you look at it critically, it is not Mr. President we are talking, but it is about an institution, is the office of the president. Anywhere in the world, the security of the president is 10 times more than that of any other person. Besides, when you say ‘change begins with me’ it is about attitude, attitude to life, to punctuality, to honesty, to integrity. Yes, we also campaigned that we must buy made in Nigeria goods, wearing made in Nigeria clothes, of course yes, but it does not mean that if the President of your country goes on vacation he cannot take that opportunity to have medical checkup. 

You know people are being dishonest. How long has your health care system been where it is? Will it be changed in two years’ time? What you can do now, is to lay the foundation for that change. And that is why we believe that what is important for our medical system is the primary healthcare and that is the one we are fortifying.”

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