SaharaReporters: $1000-dollar-per-hour parking fee and other costs for maintaining jets forced Bishop Oyedepo to launch airline

by Hauwa Gambo, in an investigation, is reporting that the running costs for the aircraft under the control of Winner’s Chapel leader, Bishop David Oyedepo led to the decision to launch the airline ‘Dominion Air’.

According to them, sources indicate that this was the fallback option, when attempts to sell off the aircraft were unsuccessful. Excerpts from that report are below:

“The rising cost of maintaining four private jets has forced flamboyant Nigerian pastor, Bishop David Oyedepo, to set up a commercial airline that uses four airplanes that had hitherto served as part of his private fleet.

“Last year, as staff costs, fuel prices and landing fees escalated, Bishop Oyedepo had contemplated selling two of the jets. But when no buyers were forthcoming, he turned to Plan B: to set up Dominion Air and put the jets to commercial use.
“A senior church source told Saharareporters that each of the jets cost Bishop Oyedepo some $1,000 per hour in parking fees and maintenance.
Oyedepo, whose specialty is “prosperity ministry,” has amassed a huge personal fortune with vast holdings in real estate as well as investments in education. Last year, he achieved international notoriety when SaharaReporters highlighted a Youtube video in which he slapped a hapless young woman who said she was not a witch but “a winch for Jesus.”
Bishop Oyedepo, who is called “Papa” by his church members, is also planning to build a multimillion dollar college in upstate New York, according to a source familiar with the pastor’s desire to expand his business empire across the world.

“Oyedepo has become stupendously rich by collecting tithes and hand-outs from wealthy congregants, many of them public officials whose source of wealth is questionable. Forbes magazine recently estimated that the bishop is worth $150 million. Ironically, most members of Bishop Oyedepo’s congregation, especially indigent worshipers who are ferried from the slums of Lagos and other cities in American school buses converted to “Holy ghost” transportation, cannot imagine much less afford the luxurious lifestyles reserved for the bishop and his household.

“A source involved in the setting up of Dominion Air disclosed that the airline will offer executive jet services that would charge users up to $10,000 per hour. The source said that Oyedepo has plans to purchase additional aircraft to expand his profile in the aviation business.”

What do you think? $1000-a-day? Is that even plausible?

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  1. I think that Hauwa has just displayed her abject poverty of pschological ideals or better still her ignorance. Does she know the way the Church is run. If tithe and hand-outs can build Covenant University and LandMark University and over 15 Secondary schools and uncountable Nursery and Primary Schools in a country where the educational system is in a complete mess,then people like Hauwa should commend the Leadership of the Church rather than embark on such lie telling. I want to believe that sister Hauwa has not entered one-chance in the devil's world judging by the way she wrote that story.Bishop Oyedepo is only a manager of the Church fund. He stopped taking salary from the Church effective 1987. He doesn't need the Church's tithe to move ahead in life. I will surely invite Hauwa to attend our annual Shiloh programme coming up in Dec, 2012. Hauwa pls receive grace to be an objective reporter going forward in Jesus name. Amen. Oludayo, pls ignore and discontenance the submission of the reporter

  2. Hmmm wat a write up. Babe u try! Let's call a spade a spade, politicians and religious leaders will send us to d trenches soon.This is the off shoot of tax-free funds.I hope FIRS and the various arm of government saddled wit income generation are reading dis. Let the national pass a bill to task all mosques, churches,imams and pastors!

  3. The level of reaction to this article alone shows that the writer has achieved something with her write-up. If you are criticising her for being biased are you sure you are not guilt of same? Let us all just encourage our leaders to be of good behaviour and humble enough to admit when they go wrong! The are mortal beings that are just privileged to be in that position!

  4. Pls can any1 explain what 'hand out' means 2 me is it scriptural?. Pls let us endevour 2 pray 4 al servant of God who are @ d top.

  5. It's nt ezy 2 cmpoz an articl.Bt pls,let's alwys try2 b objectv,avoid sntimnts&pas d ryt msgs!Ds is Y we'll cntinu 2 disagree&war against one anoda,WE CRITICYZ ALOT!!!EVRYBDY KNWS BST&WNT 2 PROV A POINT.@list,he's Nigerian.Y nt apreciate him4 makin progres as a blak man&Nigerian 4 dt mata,despyt d rcent hrd tyms.Pls,let's learn2 apreciate oda pple's brktrus&suceses…It myt b ur turn 2mrw…GUD WRK

  6. #Gbam for days Haiku. This reason even makes me admire the man more. And for all the foolish peopple wey dey abuse the writer here – she quoted a piece from Sahara. READ!

  7. LOL!!!

    This reason actually makes a lot more sense than all the tripe posited by his supporters. I think it is logical to take the commercial airline option rather than continue to pay the ridiculously high fees for a stupidly ostentatious lifestyle.

    At the least the airline will employ some Nigerians, pay some more money to FCAA, pay tax to the government and if the service is any good, I will patronize the Dominion Air on my trips even if it makes Oyedepo richer.

    I laugh at many people here who do not know that Dauda Oyedepo is a Muslim! Just like his brother Tunde Bakr. LOL!!!!

  8. jobless Gamble or gambo, y not start ur church n c how easy it is to collect offerings, this writing shows ur not in ur right senses @ all…..why not go for deliverance instead of fooling ur age…..or better-still….start another business, yu sure are useless in this journalism field….

  9. This article is not balanced at all.u really went out of ur way to paint d man bad.may God forgive negative. The article doesn't even portray you as an objective writer. Even if some of d tins u wrote r true,who would believe you? You don't write lik that hauwa, you don't. On second thought,from ur name,I bet u r a muslim. Mscheew


  11. please who ever wrote this story honestly.. is very jobless.. and d editor??? haba??? sighs i wonder why dey can sue

  12. "Oyedepo has become stupendously rich by collecting tithes and hand-outs from wealthy congregants, many of them public officials whose source of wealth is questionable. million" BEFORE YOU OPEN YOUR MOUTH TO SAY STUFFS ABOUT THE MAN OF GOD I SUGGEST YOU THINK TWICE

  13. Go start ur own church and start collecting tithes and 'hand outs'if u think its dat easy to convince people to part with their hard earned money.

    Better find somthn more worthwhile to expend your time with,instead of this idle gossip u call reportage.

  14. The article just serves to paint Dr.Oyedepo in bad. Not balanced at all…

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