Sean Tizzle blaming the media for ‘ruining his relationship’ with DJ Cuppy is ridiculous – 5 reasons why

by Ezinne Ajoku

Sean Tizzle says the press ruined the relationship with DJ Cuppy, here are 5 reasons that is totally ridiculous

  1. The rule regulating lives of celebrities and socialites on social media is pretty simple. Do not air out any laundry you do not want others to see.

Some time back, Tizzle serenaded the lovely Cuppy on his Instagram page with these words.

“God bless my Cupcake Ifeoluwa aka Cuppy. Like Jay-Z and Beyonce, it’s just me and my future Abiamo.”

Predictably, the media and every Tom, Dick and Harry waded into the matter, itching to know if this finally meant that the two- DJ Cuppy and Tizzle- were now an item.

This is expected, because this is what the media lives for- sensational news. Heck, young Nigerians live for this sort of juiciness.

But Tizzle cannot turn around and fix the blame on the media when he basically threw them fodder to masticate and ruminate on.

So Tizzle, if this has taught you anything, quit putting your (relationship) business out there.

Oh, and there’s something called DM on Instagram. Learn how to use it!


  1. I would think that as a guy Tizzle is familiar with the art of the chase; or the hunt- whichever you prefer.

Now, one basic rule of the hunt is know your animal. It appears Tizzle is rather rusty.

Could it be because he is used to having ladies throw themselves at him?

A few pointers, Sir, if I may.

Try to find out what kind of a lady she is: public or private? How does she like to be courted: grandiose acts of affection or simple, intimate gestures?

Evidently, Tizzle did not figure this into the equation when he sent Cuppy that shout out on Instagram. Because if Cuppy is the kind of girl who does not mind being courted in the public eye, the media’s input would not ‘ruin the relationship’.


  1. Forgive me but I really do not see a Tizzle & Cuppy 2016 (or any other year, for that matter). It really does not sound workable.

There’s the thing the Oyibo man says about birds of the same feather; and Tizzle, ma man, you may be in the same industry but you do not necessarily move in the same circles. In the circle where one thing matters beyond others. Brother, Otedola’s fortune is pegged at 1.2 billion dollars? What is yours pegged at? Or your father’s? No shade o.

See, if Cuppy was a white girl, I’d egg you on but Cuppy is a Nigerian girl, who loves being rich, who is used to a certain lifestyle and who carelessly regularly flaunts that lifestyle in our faces. My dear, come to think about it, I do not think you were ever really in the picture. When she told you “she will think about it”, the first time you asked, bros, that was code for Never gonna evuuur happen.

Again, no shade. It’s just me wondering if you can provide the level of comfort she is used to for the rest of her life or if she would be willing to live on what you can afford.

Errr…and there’s the part where I wonder if her dad will sanction it – he who pays the piper and all.


  1. A crush is not a relationship, no matter how much you will it. Similarly friendship acquaintanceship does not signify relationship.

Until it is a relationship, it cannot be said to be a relationship. Speaking of friendship, can you care to enlighten us, please?

Is it that she smiled at you when you showed up for her shows? Or was it hello-hi business? Or did you guys have full blown conversations?

Did you meet her friends (Family may be stretching it)? Did you hang out together- just the two of you?

What exactly qualifies your dealings with her as friendship or a relationship, even?And if a relationship did not exist between you two, how did the media break what did not exist?

Boy, please. Next time, tie up that bow all nice and pretty before you give social media a nod.


5. The blame game is the height of childishness, kinda what the present government does whenever they have to explain our present predicament. Keep saying “they did it”, and people will be forced to think, “you’re stupid. You’re not creative enough; you don’t have plans and you’re just joking about”.

Boys play the blame game. Men own up to their mistakes.

Be a man and you just might get the girl. By then, we will take you seriously.

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