Stephanie Okafor: Wearing t-shirts to the office? See how it’s done (Y! Superblogger)

Stephanie Okafor

One has to be really careful for appropriateness when wearing tees to work because you do not want to be celebrating Casual Friday on a Wednesday.

Wearing T-Shirts (or Tees as they are fondly called) date back to the 19th Century through splitting union suits, which were initially one-piece female undergarments into 2 parts. Tees then became really popular after being issued by the US Navy following the Spanish America war.

Due to its suitability, adeptness and low cost, tees evolved from the default frock adorned by those in manual labor to a fashion accessory which could be styled towards suiting more than just a casual outing.

On this article, I am going to depict various ways a lady can don a t-shirt, using real ladies with real jobs. I am styling with TWP Tees, as this lady behind the brand, Daks, is one blogger I admire for her consistency and drive. You could make a few tweaks to work for you depending on your job, place of work and your activity for the given day.

One has to be really careful for appropriateness when wearing tees to work because you do not want to be celebrating Casual Friday on a Wednesday. Also fit is really important to avoid sloppiness. Luckily, the regular tee does not expose much skin so there’s barely any worry about showing cleavage. Yes, none at all! You are at work. 🙂

Here goes….

#1 Look – Business Casual


– Amaka Ebubeze

Here, the jacket gives the look a whole new meaning.

She works with a privately owned firm luxury firm so there is no need to look so serious everyday. When there is a meeting with a prospective client at an office, the look on the right is suitable but at a more relaxed venue, the left one is perfect.


#2 Look – Austere Intern


– Ify Mordi

The heels in this look give the outfit some ummpph. With flat shoes she would look really casual and maybe sloppy. Although as an intern one is bound to be constantly on her toes, rocking heels and getting your job done quickly would make you look a lot smarter.


#3 Look – Simple Chic


– Sasi Ratnaligam

The simplicity of this look cannot be over-stated. The colors (or lack of) however, add seriousness to the look. The side pockets of her cardigan also make it a tad more interesting.


#4 Look – Chilled Statement


– Wincey Mok

This is so damn effortless yet you would notice her. The pleated skirt has this lovely double gold button detail on the side. I thought she looked very Kanye West.

Again with this look, the jacket gives it elegance and style.


 #5 Look – Job Seeker

 Ify job

– Ify Mordi

This look is very tricky because it totally depends on the job one has an interview for. Some companies wouldn’t tolerate this for an interview so you might want to change the denim pants to suit pants or skirt. Strappy sandals would exaggerate the size of your feet if they aren’t slim so covered platform shoes would be fine for those with wider feet.


#6 Look – Metrogypsie


 Stephanie Okafor

This look cannot be worn in tropical regions clearly. What’s not to love about this midi skirt, it clings in such a decent way and its length is smart enough not to look drab. It is most suitable though with ladies with a bit of curve. Knee length boots when styled right give a look some emblem of sexuality. The heels of these are classic and almost comfortable that even without the crepe jacket, she looks serious. This look transcends easily for an after-work, hence ‘metroGypsie’.


#7 Look – Edgy Office

 Ify Edgy

– Ify Mordi

This look is so classy. Again I am not sure this look would work most commercial bank staff in Nigeria. You could drape a jacket over this as well, but it looks really elegant.


#8 Look – Passionate Smart

ChizuaChizua Ikwumelu

This look should be easy to relate with. It is really smart with a lot of color. A grey or navy blue jacket would do a fine job as well. The longer strap of the bag tones down the seriousness of the look a notch.


#9 Look – Deal Closer


– Madalina Ghita


Far from conservative hence this is suitable for those with jobs in events, talent management, fashion, sales etc. High waist shorts are always really flattering. This pair has a jacket of its own in the same fabric but I decided to style with something else to show effort. This look would definitely get you some attention at the work place.

So ladies, refrain from tossing that tee when getting set for work. Once in a while try one of these looks above. You could also stick to your regular dress pattern and maybe replace your camisole with a tee as appropriate.


Stephanie Okafor resides in London, UK and works with Deloitte, UK. She loves the city life, works real hard, very driven and is motivated by adding value. Her love for fashion drove the idea behind the weekly blog she currently runs. Stephanie blogs at and tweets from @JauneLion


Op-ed pieces and contributions are the opinions of the writers only and do not represent the opinions of Y!/YNaija.

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  1. Great job Steph…

  2. The lady in the pink blazer is my fav.. I also really like Wincey’s disposition.

  3. like #6, this works very well for outdoor meetings and after work as well. the serious look transcends from the hairstyle and colour combi and of course low or flat heel footwears won’t work. ladies with comfortable body contours will smart and attractive, hence…

  4. Loving this babes… Very creative!!!!
    Beautiful models too…

  5. I okay this… nice one Steph!

  6. I love the metrogypsie look…gives a formal edge to a relaxed outfit…thumbs up

  7. love Madalina(deal closer) and Ify’s ankara look!!

  8. I'd go for look #3, look #7 and best of all, look #9. not bad at all. thumbs up Stephanie Ij Okafor.

  9. I'd go for look #3, look #7 and best of all, look #9. not bad at all. thumbs up Stephanie Ij Okafor.

  10. MY favorite look is the ‘Deal Closer’!

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