StylePolice! The Return Of Jenifa

by StyleEYE

Where ever there is a red carpet, the Style Police panel will always gather. This week we go off on premiere of The Return Of Jenifa. From Funke Akindele herself to Rita Dominic, we give you the worst and best of the much awaited movie.

This week’s Panel

Ms Bell – Fashion photographer

Dayo Ephraim – Celebrity Reporter, Hip on TV

Adebayo Oke Lawal – Creative Director of Orange Culture, and an associate founder of Bubaai, a styling company.

Yemi Olowu – Fashion blogger, runway and high fashion expert, and Assistant Editor, Style

Aisha Shaba

 Bayo:  Its not a bad look, nothing to get so excited about. Love the pants though and chiffon tops are definitely in. I’m jus not sure of how tasteful it is.

Dayo: For God’s sake it was a movie premiere not a strip club competition. And if you must wear a cropp top do something drastic to your belly.

Ms Bell: This is a case of when breeze blows, fowl boobs go open.

Yemi: Where in God’s name did she think she was going? It was raining on that day, so how did she manage? And it was a movie premiere, come on!

Adorah Ukoh

Dayo: Understanding your body type is key when dressing up for an event. Those tights look so wrong and the shoes are a bloody bad match.

Yemi: Adora Ukoh, you should never be seen dressed like this. The only  thing I like about this look is the bib necklace, the rest should be consigned.

Ms Bell: Wow, your legs aint that good, and you’re bald. You seem to me like a single woman seeking attention.

Bayo: What was she thinking, any plus sized woman should never wear leggings or tights alone, not flattering, plus the horribly placed abortion belt and the shoes. Horrible combo.

Yemi: She looks adorable, I love the dress, and I love her shoes, but I think her hair is covering most part of her pretty face.

Ms Bell: When you see a lady, you would know. Her pose, choice of color and shoes just sets her apart from the lot. Muah

Bayo: Its pretty. Orange is definitely in.

Dayo: Orange is certainly in and girl you did a great job choosing this dress. Less is always more, your hair, make up and shoes all on point. Great look!

Jerry Jideobi

Ms Bell: What has Nigeria turned to? Who is this and why am I looking at his picture? I pray I don’t go blind from so much shimmer!

Bayo:  No comment.

Dayo: As for you Jerry i’m still waiting for you to surprise me.

Yemi: One day, I know you would run out of fabrics, and grace the red carpet naked.

Funke Akindele

 Bayo: She looks gorgeous, very clean look for Funke akindele , quite refreshing. Not a fan of the jewelry with the dress. But everything else makes up for it.

Dayo: Great color choice and i particularly love the wraps and ruffles it all looks safe. This is just what i expected to see you in for your premiere.

Yemi: Would never had thought to see Funke in a dress like this, I think she took a risk with the color choice, and she had me at first sight.

Ms Bell: This is just beautiful, you go girl. This is the way you tell the crowd it’s your show.

Ibiere Julius Agwu

Dayo: Stylish and chic. You obviously know what works for you. Just a little worried about the bag it kinda looks displaced on the entire ensemble but in any case you remain in my good books.

Yemi: I’m waiting for the day Mrs Agwu’s look would be a miss. She can hold her own on any red carpet. How else can you say someone is amazing?

Ms Bell: She is pretty, and all the bright candy colors make me crave for something colorful from Dylan’s candy bar.

Bayo: Very cute. But still, nothing spectacular.

Rita Dominic

Yemi: It’s a very different look for Rita, but I’m not sure I like it though. There is something I can’t put my finger on.

Ms Bell: This is the first time I’m seeing Rita wear a short hair and I like it. But must you wear this dress? I’m not feeling it. The hair cut is a hit though.

Bayo:  I love this look from head to toe, the hair, the fit, the length of the dress. Luvit.

Dayo: This is obviously a new look entirely that i like and that’s from your neck upwards. As for the dress there really isn’t anything flattering about it as it does no justice to your figure. A more fitted dress will do the job next time.

Ronke Odusanya

Ms Bell: Dear Yoruba actress, can you please explain to me why you are dressed like this? Have you seen yourself? I’m a woman and I would never hope to look like this, so unacceptable. Next!

Bayo:  Not even a teenager should match this much. Too much red and black going on.

Dayo: Whats with the collapsed piece of material on one boob. Then the belt is causing more harm than good to your look. Impress me next time.

Yemi: Can you count how many red piece she’s got on? And whatever dust she applied on her face is just too much.


Bayo: Sasha looks good in VLR. Luv the hair and the dress is pretty.

Dayo: I imagine your dress without the puff on your right arm and i would have loved your look even more.

Yemi: Oh my God, Sasha looks so sexy, the tulip cut just stops were your mind can have its own freedom to wonder.(what did I just say?).

Ms Bell: – I’m envious of her outfit, I’m very sure I would look so beautiful in it (battling eye lashes). Just right for a first lady.

Shola Kososko

Dayo: Nice dress, but it’s been choked with the riot between the color of your hair and shoes. Always look into the mirror before leaving for an event.

Yemi: Whoever did the embellishment on the backdrop must have also embellished Shola Kosoko’s dress and also gave her instructions as to what color should be her crown – Sola chose red.

Ms Bell: Wow, this babe don dey old be that o, she would start playing grandmother in movies now. Honey, please always dress your age, it’s not that hard.

Bayo: Uhm! What was she thinkin?? Hair?. The tunic isn’t bad. But the hair jus destroys the whole look.



 Yemi: Much is much more, that is all I see. Nothing fits properly or matches perfectly.

Ms Bell: Holy Mary, Oprah, Martha! You’ve got to be kidding me. This is ridiculous, it’s as if she has a parachute on her shoulders.

Bayo:  Frumpy!!!

Dayo: There’s just too much going on with your look. From the dress to your purse, then the color of your shoes don’t have a place in this look….jeeez! i’ll just leave it at that.

The Vedict

Best dressed

Yemi: Sasha

Ms Bell: I’m between Sasha and Funke Akindele

Dayo: Tobi Banjoko

Bayo: Rita Dominic


Dayo: Jerry

Ms Bell: Adorah Ukoh

Bayo: Adorah Ukoh

Yemi: Adorah Ukoh


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  1. ROTFL, jESU. Moti ku oooooooo.

    Who are these judges, they should consider going on TV O.Haaaaaaaahahahaha

  2. I swear to God, Reading the judgements from the Style police team made me laugh and fell off my sit at work. Most especially when Yemi Olowu Gave his verdict about what "Mrs.Jerry" was wearing "One day, I know you would run out of fabrics, and grace the red carpet naked." And then Dayo Added "As for you Jerry i’m still waiting for you to surprise me." Still laughing heartily!!!!

  3. This is just as funny as the movie itself.

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