Technology 101: Cloud Storage- The new age data storage method

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By Oluwatobi Soyombo

If there is anything thing that changes rapidly and also forces change on every other thing, it is technology. We have witnessed all manners of changes in the techno-space in recent times than ever. One of those changes led to formation of two words which are set to create a revolution in the days ahead – Cloud Computing. From Cloud Computing comes Cloud Storage which is my focus in this piece.

Data Storage began long ago with what we can now call primitive technologies. From Punch cards to Punched tapes, from punched tapes to Selectron tubes, then to Magnetic tape, from Magnetic tape to Compact Cassette, then to the Magnetic drum, from the Magnetic drum to Floppy disk (often called diskette), then to Hard Drive, from Hard Drive to Laserdisc, then to the Compact Disc, from Compact Disc to DVD. After all these came Cloud Storage.

Cloud Storage services like Amazon web services, DropBox, 4shared and others allow you store your files in the cloud. This simply means uploading your files and keeping them on the hard drive of the provider of whichever platform you choose.

Anything, Anytime, Anywhere!

The paramount promise of technology is this “Anything, Anytime, Anywhere”. With this, these cloud storage services give you access to your files anywhere you are and also at any time. Most of them have mobile apps and even desktop apps that allows you synchronize your files with the cloud. What this means is that you don’t have to carry those big hard drives with you everywhere or even move with your laptops all the time just to have access to certain files anywhere. All you will need is an internet connection to download whatever you need from your account with any of the providers. What a great way to live now.

Full Proof against loss of Files during PC malfunctions

I fell victim of this last week. My PC crashed and I almost lost all my files. Thank goodness that I only lost a few. Losing everything on my PC hard drive will mean losing all my books, reports, client’s jobs and other important files on my PC. I guess the same applies to everyone. There are certain files that we can’t afford to lose. This makes us install all kind of Anti-Virus to prevent viruses and malwares from attacking them. Despite all the security measures we employ, the truth is that our PC still fall prey of these attacks. Sometimes, it may not even be a virus attack; it may just be a normal PC malfunction that will prevent your files from being accessible. Cloud Storage helps reduce the risk of losing our important files during these periods; as long as they have been uploaded to the cloud.

Prevention against PC/Hard disc theft

While you sleep, armed men broke into your house. Their mission is to leave with the most valuable things in your house. Your laptop was lying on the table in the living room and it was the first thing they saw. Phiam! They decided to take it along with them. It can be annoying you know. While none of us pray for this moments, they do happen when we least expect them. Then tears begin to roll down our eyes, not necessarily because of how expensive the laptop is but simply because of the files we just lost (especially the crucial ones). Cloud Storage gives us the confidence that we haven’t really lost anything apart from the laptop itself. All we will have to do is to recover our files from the cloud and get a new laptop. You will agree this is a better option than losing both the files and the PC.

So, What?

The idea here is that cloud rocks! All you have to do is to get registered on a platform of choice ( a reliable one). Many of them provide free Gigs of space to allow you try their services. Further upgrades are the subject to certain fees. After this, you will then ensure that you upload your files periodically to your cloud account. This gives you more confidence about those unwanted and unexpected rainy days. Evolve!


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