Tecnology 101: The three ‘I’s of Twitter

by Oluwatobi Soyombo

If you’ve been following this column, you must have discovered that I have been emphasising on developing a sound culture on Social Networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

While trying to give my tweeps a few tips for 2012 on 1 January, I tweeted this:  “…There are so many prospects that might not bother about you in 2012 if you do not have a well written bio on your SM platforms.” The truth is not far from that tweet.

So in the same vein, let’s take a quick look at Twitter using the letter I in what I’ve dubbed: ‘The three Is of Twitter’.

•             Interact: First and clearly, Get on twitter to interact. Among other things, you are supposed to tweet conversationally. This means that you must be ready to defend or at least comment about your tweets when tweeps request such. Not just those, some of your followers are going to tweet at you. While it’s not your duty to respond to all (especially those with thousands of followers), do your best to respond to most of them as you get notified of their tweets. Don’t join the wagon of those who only interact with those they know offline. Interaction here means, you hold conversations (as much as you can) even with those followers you’ve never met offline. That’s the real essence of NETworking.

•             Inform: If you’re already on twitter, ain’t you tired of tweeps who only tweet about how their dogs are doing, how they couldn’t get a cab and how girls snubbed them all through the day? Am sure you’ve come across those kinds of tweets. It could be tempting to tweet such too but ensure such tweets are reduced to the barest minimum on your TL. What’s your expertise? Get your followers informed. For effective personal branding on twitter, ensure you’re a master of a certain cause. Tweet links to articles you find interestingly useful in that same direction. It’s good to be focused on twitter. It has advantages for you and your followers. For instance, I know who to tweet at if I need information about Social Media. Remember that the primary aim of twitter is Information broadcast. Let it be a meaningful one, though.

•             Inspire: This combines the first two (interact and inform). Just like every word you let out of your mouth, your tweets have effects on your followers, whether positive or negative. So, let your tweets be as inspiring as they can be. Resist from using questionable words. On this, do understand that SUBs are not inspiring in any way, reasons notwithstanding. I bet your followers want to wake up in the morning and get lifted by your tweets even if it means referring to them to an online post.

Remember, Interact! Inform! and Inspire!


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