@TemiAdebiyi to Mimiko: For joining @PdpNigeria, you are a disappointment!

by Temitope Adebiyi

Your journey back to the PDP isn’t a surprise to some of us who had followed your political steps closely ever since you were returned as Ondo state governor elect. Even though, so many had argued that you are not going to return to the PDP because of the vituperation you had poured on the Ondo state PDP prior to your re-election. Some argued that you would rather be a Lion in the Labour Party’s Jungle than become a Dog in the People’s Democratic Party’s city.

Whatever their argument was, its crystal clear now that you are now a PDP man. But you need to be quickly reminded if you have forgotten the political historiography of Ondo state that no governor has ever ruled for two terms successfully before. But against all odds, the record was broken for you, to show how much you are loved and trusted by Ondo state people. But with what have you paid them back? You ditched and betrayed the support and the loyalty that the Labour party faithful and the Ondo state citizen at large have bestowed on you.

As usual Mr Governor, some of your sheep have come up to put up a defence to the series of criticism that have followed your deflection. But of all their defence and your defence, the saying that you did it in the interest of Ondo state and her citizens I find so appalling and insensible.
I don’t need any soothsayer to tell me and those who can think with their brain and not their anus that you did that for your own personal and selfish political interest.

It is certain as death you can’t run for Governorship election the third time as the constitution forbids that. And I believe, that singular fact has brought out the altitude of “the bracelet is already worn by the diviner, and there lies no one to dare to remove it” in you.

I spotted this altitude of yours as soon as you were sworn in as the state governor for a record of second time by laying off workers under the guise that they are ‘Ghost Workers’ even when it was later confirmed that the state treasury was getting dried up and you needed to reduce the money being spent by your administration. Not even the continuous pleas by Ondo state citizens that a recruitment is needed to feel the vacuum created by this so called ‘Ghost Workers’ fell to your listening ears. After months of continuous unanswered pleas, you recently came up a ‘Political’ Teachers Recruitment which would be the first major published recruitment as far as your Fifth year as the Number one citizen of the state is concern.

Don’t be surprised am labelling your recruitment exercise ‘political’ because that is exactly what it is. Or what do you say about the request for the Local government ward of applicants during their online application? I wouldn’t know how by anyway that has got to do with recruiting qualified teachers in the state. Mr Governor we know this too well.

Still on the recruitment exercise, we need not to divine before knowing that exercise is just taking place now because, elections are around the corner.

I would not want to talk about how you have marauded our economy in Ondo state but rather open your eyes to the effect this your recent move can have on your political career and those connected to you politically.

As a Nigerian, I know you have the freedom to associate with whoever you feel comfortable associating with as supported by our constitution but you need to be told the truth at this point not minding whose ox is gored.

It is evidently clear you are a political wind that blows anywhere and that proves the not-yet-known fact that you are an ingenious trickster who have hid under the façade of progressives to win elections.

Your recent move has now given APC a clear edge in Ondo state politics. One needs not to be a political scientist to see the problems that would erupt as a result of this your decision and how the closest political opposition will take advantage of that. Even as a matter of fact, the problems have started and some of these problems you have started seeing.

Although I know you stand to lose nothing from all these problems by the way as you don’t directly need people’s vote in next year’s election because you are not an aspirant. But can the same be said of your Honourables at the state house of Assembly and the Federal House of Representatives? What about your senator?

They are all going to the Peoples Democratic party to contest once again barring in mind the PDP has its own members eyeing these posts.

Technically as it stands now, one iron must bend for the other. Either your candidates step down or those interested in these posts in the PDP step down. But for political safety, you will want to stick to your old guns and the aftermath crises wouldn’t be resolved even after the 2015 elections, trust me on this.

Just like Timothy Waguasa in his poem A Taxi Driver. At His Death, “…with prophetic eyes I peer into the future…” And I can see a slow but obvious end to your political relevance in Ondo state.

House of Assembly, House of representatives and National Assembly elections result next year will give you the real picturesque of what the people of Ondo state now feel about you. And by the time the opposition party dominates your state assembly, then you know what a wrong move you have made and a hell of problem that lies ahead of you till the expiration of your tenure in 2017.

Don’t be fooled by those still praising your move and giving hypocritical eulogy. They are all parasites waiting to suck you dry and neglect you at the later end. Or who doesn’t know that it is only the hand soaked with palm oil that people get acquainted with and not that soaked with blood.

You have in time past bragged about your political calculation prowess but the end to your tact seems to be up. You have lost seeming followers already, the veil covering some of your loyalists’ eyes has been removed and they are now beginning to see that your ‘use and dump’ syndrome.

My Governor, do not see me as a Rebel but if you feel am one, then I would say we need rebels in every Nation as William Blake said in his ‘The Marriage Of Heaven And Earth’; “Without contraries is no progression, Attraction and repulsion, reason and energy, Love and Hate are necessary to human existence”.

God bless you my Governor and my regards to Aunty Kemi.


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  1. Well, not many would call him a disappointment solely for his defection to PDP because that’s how he rolls, politically. It’s been long coming. For many, particularly people in Ondo state who’s been following his political career closely, it didn’t come as a surprise.
    Having displayed good understanding of the politician Mimiko and his brand of politics, the writer also offered insights into all round political implications of his recent defection. Truth is, in the end, it’s his elected political associates, particularly the State and National assembly members who out of loyalty defected along with him are whose political careers are endangered, not his. He’s most likely going to dump them when they least expect, especially in the run up to and during the PDP primaries. Anyone who knows Mimiko and his kind of politics knows his recent political move just like every other one before now is never about anyone but himself, for his political advancement and relevance only. Personally, i don’t think his ever accurate political calculations will fail him this time. Like I wrote in my Facebook post some days back, here is my view of what he wants;
    Short term – To become GEJ’s South-West campaign coordinator for 2015. He knows his political sagacity and also as the longest serving Governor in South-West on the platform of PDP should get him that. A position that automatically puts the occupant in charge of the campaign funds for South-West.*wink*
    Long term – To get a Federal appointment after his tenure as Governor expires, and/or put himself in contention for consideration as Presidential running mate come 2019.
    His political aims (short or long term) don’t look unachievable, do they?

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