The ‘Igbo’ trend on Twitter is another trend challenging the status quo


There are certain things that many people have come to terms within Nigeria when it concerns other tribes that aren’t theirs.

In Nigeria, the Igbo tribe of Nigeria has once again made it to the top trends in Nigeria today and we are looking at all the details regarding this trend today. One of the most interesting things about Nigeria is the multi-cultural diversities that exist between her people and the ways these differences are expressed.

In Nigeria, certain traits are attributed to certain ethnicities and just like we have people who are known for a particular thing, the idea of generalization comes into play. Almost every tribe is known for one thing or another and on the streets of Nigeria Twitter, different groups are always ready to call out these differences.

In this trend, however, the Igbo tribe is being dragged over a story one Twitter user shared as it concerns inter-ethnic marriage.

Reacting to her story, many Twitter users have started a tribal war across the Yoruba Tribe and the Igbo tribe: Many who were against the decision against inter-ethnic marriage attacked the Igbo tribe as they shared their opinion about the tribe, others also shared what her story meant for them as they also shared personal experiences.

This Twitter trend is based on nothing but a story one Twitter user shared and now, a lot of people have taken the opportunity to point out that in an age and time like this, our tribal differences should not hinder progress even when it comes to establishing long-lasting relationships in marriage.

For those who tried to paint the Igbo tribe as the major ones who are against inter-ethnic marriage, they were reminded that people shouldn’t generalize based on just one person’s story as the whole Igbo tribe are not the same as the one from the story shared.

Many other Nigerians on this trend pointed out that we should look beyond our differences and focus on building a society that sees each other as one. Some Twitter users pointed out that it may be impossible for the generations before now to become accepting, but the change should be in the hands of the newer generations as they also asked young people to educate the older generation that there is no harm in inter-ethnic marriage.

The unity of Nigerians, according to some people who jumped on this trend, should be a priority above any of our tribal differences.


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