[The Injustice Blog] Is President Buhari uniting or dividing Nigeria?

A Facebook user posted this on her timeline yesterday September 12, 2017:

“Niger Delta – Operation Crocodile Smile
Boko Haram – Operation Lafiya Dole
IPOB – Operation Python Dance II
Fulani Herdsmen – Nothing
And someone will say we are one Nigeria”

This sarcastic information passed a detailed message on the fragmentation of Nigeria’s unity. At the moment, the country is witnessing a lot of upheavals that has placed us on life support. We have faced a lot of tests in our over 100 years of amalgamation, but none has shaken the foundation of the nation to its depth like we are witnessing at the moment.

Every region has a grouse with the government which has threatened our union. Separatist agitations exist in several countries of the world and Nigeria is not an exception. What has made ours exceptional is the way we have handled it, especially the Buhari regime.

Since the end of the civil war on January 15, 1970, the Biafra agitation has been a recurrent issue spanning several administrations till date. Each administration employed the best form of dialogue and it has contained the agitations.

President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration has, however, ditched every form of peace moves to douse the agitations, rather prefer to use force. At the moment, the Nigerian Army has embarked on what it termed Operation Python Dance II.

This has led to a curfew being imposed in Aba, the commercial city of Abia, by the state government on Tuesday, September 12, 2017 – After a clash between the Army and the IPOB members.

The Python Dance operation has received condemnations from Southeast governors, traditional rulers and opinion moulders in the country. The vigour with which the federal government is confronting the peaceful IPOB agitators, has not been used to confront the rampaging Fulani herdsmen as they still go about killing and maiming, unhindered.

This has further widened the fragmented unity existing in the country between the North and the South. President Buhari by his actions has further polarised the country than it used to be which may Mar his legacy if not halted.

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