TheNextBigThing: JuvyTek Entertainment

by ‘Damilola Oyedele

JuvyTek was born when Ehi and Paul (aka DJ Teffler) met in high school in Nigeria. Ten years later, what started as just a means to kill time is growing into a full-fledged force in music production.

What is JuvyTek Entertainment?

Teffler: It’s a lifestyle entertainment company; a package of sound, swag and style.

Ehi: In short, JuvyTek is a way of life – period! (laughs). We do all sorts, but basically we make people gyrate.

What did your schoolmates think of you when you started out back then?

Teffler: We got a lot of support. I’ve always believed in our abilities. I just wasn’t always sure I’d be able to bring the sounds always playing in my head to real life. But when there’s a will there’s a way.

Ehi: Our first instrumental was at a school social. It was a hit. I remember people getting on their feet and doing the crip-walk, which was the ‘reigning’ dance step then! It was great. We used to do it for fun then. I didn’t know it would turn out this way.

Moving on to university…What and where did you study?

Ehi: I studied Civil Engineering at University College London and University of Toronto.

Teffler: I went to Morgan State University, Baltimore, and studied Information Systems and Sciences.

Who are your biggest musical influences?

Teffler: The Doctor (Dre), Eldee and Trybesmen…

Ehi: …Fela and Timberland – I think he can do all styles, even Gbedu if he tried.

What’s JuvyTek’s unique sound?

Ehi: Our style is international. We do any genre, we cross all boundaries.

Teffler: We make you dance! We’ll make you cry too. We’ll make you angry, and then we’ll make you laugh. Basically we’re psychic intellectual beatsmiths. Hmm, maybe that should be our new name.

How did you break out of the unknown?

Teffler: We did the remix to Shank’s, ‘Julie’, which was never released, but brought us some attention. We also did Zara’s single, ‘Mommi Mi’, which is now all over the radio, and rapper Cap B’s single, ‘Ma Se Mi Lese’, which is a club smash at the moment.

Ehi: We’ve also done Tolumide’s ‘Your Love’ remix. The response has been great, and we’re getting better each day.

Teffler: We’ve worked with Kel, Konga, Treeze and General Pype. The list goes on…

What are some of the challenges you’ve faced?

Ehi: Teffler and I are in different parts of the world right now…

Teffler: …but Remote Desktop has solved that to an extent. Ehi will be moving here soon.

Apart from JuvyTek, what do you guys get up to?

Teffler: I hustle! You wan buy Blackberry? I’ll give you a good discount! Seriously though, I fix computers, that’s another thing I love to do.

Ehi: I’m putting my degree to good use, working as a civil engineer. I play football, and I‘m keen on tennis, basketball as well.

And what’s next for JuvyTek?

Teffler: Right now we’re working with a couple of very talented artistes and producers.

Ehi: We’re also working on our first mixtape series, ‘Gidi’s Finest’, so watch this space!

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  1. Great story, bookmarked your blog for interest to read more!

  2. Great work guyz! I have Tolumide's album and I love Tolumide's My Love Remix and I didn't know u guyz produced it!

  3. you guys need a female vocalist, u know who 2 call.x

  4. Cool. we're expecting Gidis finest o

  5. THESE GUYS ARE MAJOR … Expect big things.

  6. I remember my moments as 'Yox Lotn' spiting to a juvytek beat. Nice work bruvs! See you at the next 'flashing lights', arriving in flashy cars, in the mould of rockstars.

  7. Juvytek is the futureeeee

  8. Can't believe you guys have kept @ it since Lifeforte…Kudosss!!!…& C U @ d top!! 🙂

  9. Nice one guys! keep up the good work. Heaven is your limit!

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