The Thread: How Zimbabwe proves patriarchy is alive and kicking

Epic poster. Can somebody frame this for present and future African despots, please?

For 37 years, Zimbabwe has been under the iron rule of Robert Mugabe. But last week, the tables turned. And why? Because his wife, Grace Mugabe, had decided to take over the reins since at 93 years of age, the despot Robert couldn’t keep up anymore. In a strategic move to clear the way for Grace to assume the throne, the second in command, Mnangagwa, beloved of the Military was fired.

And that’s when hell broke loose.  The Military swiftly went into action; took over Harare and put Robert Mugabe in custody; took over the state-owned TV station and asked Robert to resign. The people of Zimbabwe also found their voice for the first time in a long while and trooped into the streets to protest against the Mugabe dynasty.

Curious timing, not so? Why the strong reactions? Is it because a woman was about to take over? Twitter certainly thinks so:


We’re still a long ways off.

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