TICKER: Aluu community counts its losses after UNIPORT students rampage (PHOTO)

The people of Omuokiri Aluu Community have begun to count their losses barely 24 hours after students from the University of Port Harcourt embarked on reprisals to avenge the killings of their colleagues.

The angry students had on Tuesday stormed the community, burnt some houses, cars and other property over the torture and murder of the students on Friday.

Four undergraduates of UNIPORT were lynched by a mob comprising members of the community for allegedly stealing laptop computer and a BlackBerry phone.

The students were Biringa Chiadika of the Theatre Arts Department; Ugonna Obuzor of Geology Department, Mike Toku Llyod of Civil Engineering Department and Tekena Erikena.

When our correspondent visited the community on Wednesday, few of the indigenes were seen bemoaning their losses.

One of the leaders of the community, Sunday Ahanonu, said he had lost all he laboured for to the students’ reprisals.

Ahanonu, whose house was torched by the students, expressed shock that security agents could not stop the rampaging students when they stormed the community.

Sixty-five-year-old Ahanonu and father of 15 children, worked at UNIPORT for 35 years before he retired.

He appealed to the state government and the management of the university to compensate him for the destruction of his property, adding that he and members of his family were not involved in the killings of the students.

Ahanonu said, “I am a retired civil servant. I worked with UNIPORT for 35. But all I have achieved for many years have been destroyed by students from the university. I don’t know where my family and I will lay our heads when my only house has been burnt.

“I lost the sum of N850,000 cash, which I kept in my house. I could not take the money to the bank because I was not feeling okay and went to the hospital. It was at the hospital that I learnt that my house was burnt by the students.”

Also, a woman, who identified herself as Pauline Nwakwo, told our correspondent that she left the village when she learnt that security agents had embarked on mass arrest, but came back to notice that her bar had been burgled.

According to her, the rampaging students forcibly entered her bar and carried away her deep freezer and drinks.

She said, “As a woman, I had to run away when we noticed that the police were embarking on mass arrest. The students broke the door to my bar and took away a deep freezer I bought for N66,000. I want government to pay me back all I have lost.

“The students were killed far from here at the Burrow pit. We don’t know anything about the killings of the students.”

Indigenes of the community were also seen leaving their homes in droves to other places in order to avoid being attacked by the students.

One of them, who gave her name as Comfort, said she was relocating her children to Elele in Rivers State and would only return to Omuokiri Aluu whenever normalcy returns.

– The Punch

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  1. I feld bad fore those family,but why the cummunity has to put to death 4 nigeria feauture leader just in the name of a common latop en socall blackberry.oh my dears i fill for u rest in the lord choppi 4rm cross river state.

  2. Note that ANS in the above means: 'Association of Nigerian Students!' No one messes with us! ——– Myk'L, USA.

  3. Hi George, I see u need an ANS to ur question! If they dare regroup to attack just one student again, then they'll understand they'r not dealing with only Uniport Students but all GREATEST NIGERIAN STUDENTS! I'm not happy you now are somehow trying to condemn the student's reprisal attacks which actually is a retorsion! That was a confirmation of the insecurity allowed on Nigerian Students by the Government and even the People! Now is the time for the 'Nigerian Student Nation' to stand for herself! RIP to the unfortunate 4!

  4. They should still b counting their blessings cos dis is just the beginning!!!!!!!

  5. Tit 4 tat,abi? And what if the indigenes regroup and decide to atack the students again, where do we go from there? It is always better to seek for justice through legal means.

  6. This is d beginning of detruction in Aluu,they will never find peace thru out their generation n life to come…. The families of those involved in d barbaric act and d entire community will leave in perpetual condemnation.

  7. This is d beginning of detruction in Aluu,they will never find peace thru out their generation n life to come…. The families of those involved in d barbaric act and d entire community will leave in perpetual condemnation.

  8. may God purnish d entire allu generation…nw dey r crying dt. students shldnt take laws in2 deir hands as if dats nt d issue dt has brot us 2 dis forum in d first place.I strongly bliv dt karma is d only restaurant where you don't need 2 place an order 2 be served,u only get wat u deserve.its obvios dts nt d first time dey r killing students bcs dey did it wit so much joy…haba!even wen d sista of one of d boys was begging.shebi dey said its ajebutta dt full uniport?oma she ooooo.let dem try dt in pako schools like uniben or ekpomma and see if d lady dt complained of freezer will have d guts 2 say a word.idiot oshi!!! freezer kor freezer ni…mr civil servant 4 35yrs 2bad o.shebi u were still able 2 save money 2 build?I wish it ws a well furnished duplex in gra dey burnt.do u kno hw many future leaders were killed?hw many duplexes dey wuld have built?hw much money deir parents have spent 2 put dem in school?nw u r talkin of one miserable bungalow in dt useless village.even though d house wsnt burnt I wonda d mumu dt will have mind 2 live dere again .rubbish.

  9. D hat of man z rily wickd. Dere's nahfin dat can b don 2 console d hat of d bereavd only our Fada in heaven can do dat. Ow can d pple of Aluu comunity cry ova lost properties even wen d deceased died ova a laptop nd a fone wich z nt wort death. May God help us oll

  10. I wish dis was obj's tenure he wudda wiped out the whole village…cuz our so called presido aint doin shit abt it mayb after dis pple finish wid aluu dey shud burn jes 1 jonathans kid den he wud knw ow it is 2 lose a child.

  11. i am angry o! so they still have somthn to count. i wish this happened in O.A.U. i'm sure they will have nothing to count, yeye community. who cares if ur community is wiped out of the nigerian map.

  12. Abeg des aluu people neva see anything oo. Just d beginning…expecting more..idiots

  13. No AMT of burning of houses or cars'll Eva bring d poor students back but d aluu will live 2 pay dearly 4 wat D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ did. God is alive dat i knw 4 sure.

  14. Immagine these fools they even ђą√ε Tђξ mind 2say government shuld compensate dem aftre Tђξ indelible mark they ђą√ε caused №t J̶̲̥̅̊u̶̲̥̅̊ƨ̣̣̣̇̇̇̇τ̣̣̥ Ƒ̐δя̣̣ Tђξ Bereaved bt †̥̥o̲̣̥ all parents

  15. No there’s a difference..nobody is saying they should parade the man naked, beat him blue black, then roast him alive..they are simply saying he should be roasted inside the comfort of his house (thats more than the boys got!)..especially for his audacity in asking for reimbursement..he dey madt!!!!

  16. No there's a difference..nobody is saying they should parade the man naked, beat him blue black, then roast him alive..they are simply saying he should be roasted inside the comfort of his house (thats more than the boys got!)..especially for his audacity in asking for reimbursement..he dey madt!!!!

  17. Unique uniport! Una 2much. D man wan pay 4rm gvmnt lyk he can pay d parents of d berive 4 d loses of dia pikins. Dat woman d mumu. Hw much is fridge cmpard 2 live? Gr8t Aluta, i salute una. Dts my skul. Kip d uniqe going. 08064461292.

  18. i totally agree with you…they've seen nothing yet

  19. This aluu people must be very stupid o. I no blame dem na dose students I blame for still allowing people to be alive in dat community and asking for compensation. Una neva see anything

  20. Sorry to say that man should be ashamed of himself. Four young boys were grusomely murdered next door to you and all you can say right now is that all you worked for is gone. It Shows how calous the people from this community is. And he even had the audacity to ask goverment to pay. Without even offering his condolence to the family of these kids. As a father has he ever spent a min to think if this was him how he would take it.

    For the woman there really no need for me to waste my time.

    For all who say that the students are the same with the ppl that commited the crime I disagree. See karma is a bitch and am sure she has not even started with this community. I wish them nothing but a fair compensation according to the laws of the land, nature and God.

    Finally news like this. Of this man and the woman should not in anyway be given an atom of attention.

  21. Dis Aluu pepo r not only canibals,dey r totally dump!!!

  22. Student u people have done well make sure no one person form that community survived kill the chiefs,kill the children,kill the women and men anything killable please kill anybody that is from uniport that says he or her is a cultist now is the time to show that brutal part of cultisim okay I want that foolish and devilish community to become empty that's all I ask for.foolish,wicked,witch,satan,jezebel,nonsense community like alluu and demonic people that lives there

  23. so nw wat is the difference btween u guys and the community…. so dey should hav burnt d man inside the house. hypocrits…

  24. This is just t'he genesis,students ride on jorrr!

  25. Nice 4 dem….nd dats just a tip of d iceberg. D community shud b eradicated….awon oloshi

  26. Imagine o… Pple of dah stupid Aluu aint only cannibals buh dey're also thieves en ought 2 be burnt alive… Amidst of all d happenings en lives lost dey had d audacity 2 ask 4 repayment esp dah stupid woman who claimed students carried her freezer… Dose students ought 2 go back,pick dah woman up en burn her alive cos she's display a true definition of a thief

  27. So d animals in dat community can still count their losses and ask for compensation! My prayer for aluu people is that mercy will elude them and their generations unborn, the very air they breath will choke them! Their water hence forth would be too bitter to swallow! N their soil bear sorrowful fruits! They have murdered peace and in pieces would they live! Amen.

  28. To me uniport student have not do anything because if it is my former school kwara state polytechnic they will make sure they destroy the whole houses of that community. Killer community,they have not seen anything this is just a beging let wait and see.stupid people.

  29. D man and his children should have bin burnt insted of burnin empty house dey are mad dey want Government to pay dem bk…who will pay dos moda's for der babies dat were brutally killed by dat Jazebell's community???crazy people dey should have killed d woman inside her useless store…make God purnish her nd her deep freezer…

    1. They hav Nt started counting their losses….. They will count those losses even to their 50th geneneration…. God will punish everybody that was a partaker of that heinous crime against humanity….

  30. What a country, Nigeria? Those who fail to implement a common BUDGET in this our country are going about their Businesses free, and our dear students are the victims of useless people who have no respect to humanity! Shame on you… And you deserve morethan this!!!

  31. It is good for every single one of them.. Now they know what it feels like to lose something they own or cherish… After standing and watching 4 boys been killed, they are now saying they don't know anything about it… The students should deal with them very well.. Destroy everything they have cos these people have destroyed and caused everlasting pain to 4 families

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