TICKER: Teen swallows toothbrush and it disappears without a trace

A British teenager baffled doctors by swallowing an entire toothbrush whole. The 19-year old girl said that she felt the toothbrush going down her throat and couldn’t do anything to stop it. She doesn’t have a gag reflex, which kept the brush from coming back up. Even more surprising to doctors is that they can’t find the toothbrush, at least not in their x-rays.

Doctors said they couldn’t do anything about the brush and told her to simply wait and allow “nature to take care of things.”

“I thought I was going to choke to death and was stunned when I realised it wasn’t stuck in my throat and I could breathe,” she said

“Nobody knows where it is as X-rays don’t show plastic. It could be dissolving in my intestines or may already have passed through.”

Home Accident Surveillance Statistics say that there were 20 toothbrush-related accidents in England during the past year. An Israeli woman had to have a toothbrush removed from her stomach after accidentally swallowing it. She said she was leaning over the sink when brushing her teeth and the brush fell down her throat.

Another girl accidentally swallowed her toothbrush after she slipped and fell, causing the brush to be pushed down her throat. Whoever thought that it was so important to be careful when brushing.


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