Today’s Noisemakers: Serena Williams, Steve Harris, Dangote and others

Every day on the Nigerian internet, there are people who keep our eyes glued to our phone screens as we read their rants, opinions, perspectives on political and social matters, etc. Sometimes, they are just downright ridiculous. We make it our job to take down the names of these noisemakers.

Here’s our list from today:

1 Serena Williams, the one and only, is pregnancy goals on this cover of Vanity Fair.

Must read article. Link in bio

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There’s more:

2. Afro VII vs Dangote

Nigerians are dragging Dangote on the TL today. Tola Sarumi is seeking answers to a pertinent question:

Reflex punches even harder

Joe makes a rebuttal



3. @AndyRoid


[email protected] needs your prayers

Sorry to hear.

5. Priya


6. Emaediong

We’ve written about the underground drug culture that’s killing Nigeria’s youth. Here’s an exhibit:

This has to stop!

Tell me about it.

7. Business Day NG

8. Steve Harris preaches the gospel according to Bobrisky

BE LIKE BOB! . You've gotta hand it to him, I admire Bobrisky business acumen . . Yeah, I do. . . Why? Cause he's not afraid to be his AUTHENTIC SELF & OWN HIS SHIT. . . Look at those pictures. That's Bob before and after . Bob has a story of being insecure, ugly, sad and broke (which creates an EMOTIONAL CONNECTION you can relate to) . Today, he's in the skincare business. . What does he sell? . If you said cream, then you're wrong.❌ . He sells TRANSFORMATION & LIFESTYLE . Bob recognizes that people buy the OUTCOME (the desired lifestyle of being noticed), not the VEHICLE (cream) . Bob knows his customers want attention that comes through glowing skin . So he CREATES that ATTENTION because he knows if he doesn't have it, he can't sell it. . . Bob gets noticed, so he can help you get noticed . Are you the epitome of what you sell? . Bob knows that a brand is a SUMMARY OF CONVERSATIONS people are having about you. . No conversation = No brand. . He's chosen a brand that people LOVE TO HATE and DOESN'T APOLOGIZE FOR IT . So when you talk about Bob, his bae or butt lift, it STIMULATES CONVERSATION and lifts (no pun intended) his brand. . . You're there being "HUMBLE", afraid to ruffle feathers because you can't own your shit and you care what people will think about you . Who humility epp? . You're not broke enough, that's why! . Bob understands the POWER OF ATTENTION & how to keep it . Bob understands that business is about creating an emotional connection . No one buys a bag because it's pretty, they buy it because it'll make THEM LOOK PRETTIER, GET SOME FOLKS JEALOUS & GET THEM NOTICED. . It's time to get your business noticed. . Call Oluchi on 08096581956 to join the Mastering the Business of your Talent online class. . Stop being your customers best kept secret . Let me show you how to OWN YOUR SHIT . Be like Bob. . Let your haters hate, customers pay and you keep cashing those cheques . . This post is a business case study, not a theology lesson. I'm keeping it ? so, before you throw me to the dogs, read my comment below . . . #BusinessCoaching #sales # #marketing #Coaching #execution #iamsteveharris #profit #steveharris #motivation #business #growth #money

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