Top 10 sex resolutions for 2014

by Gossip Queen

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It’s totally fine to be a chatterbox at the dining table. But we say get vocal in the bedroom too. 

1. Be spontaneous: Are you afraid of feeling shy at the wrong moment and in turn disappoint your partner? Well, worry not because 2014 is all about a fresh and new start. Leave your inhibitions and get more spontaneous in the sack this New Year.

2. Get vocal in the bedroom: It’s totally fine to be a chatterbox at the dining table. But we say get vocal in the bedroom too. Tell your man what will drive you crazy and ask him to do it to you. All you have to do is guide him and you will get the best foreplay of your life!

3. Rechristen the house: Have you made love in every corner of the house? Get imaginative starting with the kitchen counter, the dining table, the staircase and even in the bathroom. Try every available flat surface you can find and have your way with your man. After all, the new year is all about making everlasting memories.

4. Get dominating: Ever heard of BDSM? It’s time to enliven the dominatrix in you and give him the time of his life in bed in the New Year. Let him be your slave for the night and watch the fun. Indulge in some role play to make things interesting.

5. Foodgasm: No we don’t mean breakfast in bed (though that’s not a bad idea we say). Get cracking in the bedroom in 2014 with food items which you can eat off each other; whipped cream, maple syrup, chocolate sauce and red wine for starters! Tip: Try avoiding too cold or hot items. You don’t want to end up burning your partner

6. No touching: Sounds weird, right? But it can be great fun if tried. Sit apart from your partner and ask him to describe your body. Let him start by describing your hair, eyes and then move down to your other body parts. Return the favour by doing the same to him. Feeling so appreciated by your partner will boost his confidence and in turn a big turn on.

7. Get sketching: The new year is all about doing the most unexpected. Let your body be the canvas and ask your man to sketch on you. He may not be a really good artist, but just ask him to put his feelings on your body. If it’s on your back, then capture it with a phone camera and keep it as a beautiful memory.

8. Get back in shape: If you are curvy or too thin, it’s time to get back in shape in 2014. He is bound to notice the changes in your body and will love exploring it. Reveal your hot bod by wrapping yourself in a red ribbon. Let him take it off one layer at a time and let him see the new you. Your sexy figure will be the perfect gift for him in 2014.

9. Date night: The new year is all about making a fresh start, right? If you are a couple who is married for years with romance seeping out of the marriage, it’s time to get back in the act. Select a day in the week wherein the two of you step out on a romantic date followed by a passionate session of sex in the night. You will see that the spark is back in the marriage.

10. Try a new sex position every week: Isn’t the New Year all about trying out new things? Buy the latest edition (read: updated) of Kamasutra and get to it. Choose a new sex position every week and make sure you try it out with your partner. Getting adventurous in the bedroom doesn’t cost a dime


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