True healing only begins at the ROOT of the issue

by TemTi Sahu Radr

If you are a patient or a client seeing a health practitioner, then similarly, you will be aware of how important it is for your health professional to diagnose you correctly

If you are a Nutritionist, Dietitian, Counselor, Personal Trainer, Herbalist, Naturopath, etc. then the chances are you already know the importance of giving a client the correct diagnosis. A correct diagnosis is the difference between your clients getting everything they need in its appropriate measure versus what you’re giving them not working at all or worse still, having an adverse effect.

If you are a patient or a client seeing a health practitioner, then similarly, you will be aware of how important it is for your health professional to diagnose you correctly even though you may not be able to adequately explain or write down on the form exactly how you feel or how your illness or imbalance is really affecting you.

Intake forms and interviews are a great resource for information on a client; Health practitioners can see medical history, dietary habits, psychological tendencies and more, but still…the most crucial and vitally important piece of information is still missing…THE ROOT CAUSE!

Without the proper identification of a root cause, all client issues will be based on shown symptoms and submitted information (factual or not.) This is not a bad thing as symptomatic issues will still need to be dealt with and can indicate the root of an issue, but when a root cause is firmly known and identified from the beginning,  then you can actually go straight to and fix the ‘leaky pipe,’ instead of continually ’mopping up’ water from the sprung leak!

Today, an increasing number of health practitioners are starting to understand in a functional way the emotional or energetic disturbances that lie at the root of all the issues and imbalances that we experience. But measuring emotional and energetic disturbances is something that most physicians and practitioners in the West will admit, they either don’t have a clue or they don’t really consider it medically relevant!

This difference in the importance of energy analysis is one of the key distinctions between traditional ‘indigenous’ medicine and its ‘modern’ counterpart. It is also the main reason why traditional medicine or naturopathy is tagged as ‘Holistic’ as the client is acknowledged to be their body, mind and soul and as such all 3 of the clients faculties are treated as a ‘Whole System,’ with each faculty intimately related and affecting the others.

This is the view that RedPill takes on all matters concerning not only health and healing , but also lifestyle, relationships, employment and recreation to name a few.

Your life is based on joint relationships; you and your creator, you and your employer, or your Respiratory and Cardiovascular systems. Any imbalance or blockage in communication will be detrimental to your balance and thus needs to be rectified as soon as possible!

Similarly, any disturbance or blockage in the body’s energy or emotional field which is regulated by hormones(messengers,) can alter many important body functions by affecting the nervous, endocrine and lymphatic systems, causing metabolic imbalance and organ dysfunction. By isolating the specific imbalances we can attempt to modify the unbalanced condition in a favorable way helping the body to remain in homeostasis (balance) so that it can heal itself.

Indulging in the Indigenous practice of ‘Energy reading’ for a root cause doesn’t mean you have to forsake your conventional Doctor if you have one. Information has and always will be power. The basic equation is:the more power you have, the more choices you can afford to make.


TemTi Sahu Ra is an A.R.N.A. certified and trained Bio-Cosmologist and Indigenous Naturopath, specializing in affordable Lifestyle Solutions which are dedicated to introducing and enhancing whole lifestyle choices, healing and balance for anyone that chooses to transition or better their life in this way.

Op-ed pieces and contributions are the opinions of the writers only and do not represent the opinions of Y!/YNaija.

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