Twitter Personality: Adeyossie

by Ifreke Inyang

“I am not my tweets,” a certain twitter cliché goes, so our new twitter personality goes beyond her tweets to say this about herself:

“I’m a nice say-it-as-it-is lady…haha! I’m very respectful, witty, funny, sometimes crazy. I believe I have a dual-persona though. I am a Beyonce Stan and I’m also crazy about MJ and Adele. I am crazy about Sunny Ade and evergreen Naija tunes. I only support talent. I am overambitious. I want to get all the degrees possible to get. I want to be a world-renowned lawyer. I just want to be great and I want to touch people. I am based in Toronto, Canada and I have been here for a while with family. I am planning on moving to Nigeria after school. I believe opportunities are everywhere even in Nigeria. I don’t believe in boundaries. I am a politician, am studying politics and I do have great hopes about Nigerian politics and government.”

Okay then, Yossie. On your quest for greatness, what’s twitter been like? She provides the answers:

How did you get on twitter?

I actually opened my account a while ago but I never got round to tweeting because I was mainly following ‘oyinbos’ and it was just dull. I eventually started tweeting in June 2010 when I found out about the massive number of Nigerians on twitter

Who is your favourite tweep?

I really do not have a favourite tweep. I think I like them all differently.

What’s your favourite tweet?

It is: “Evry 4ck dat hz bin 4ckd can b re4ckd if d 4cka n d 4ckee agree dat d last 4ck wz well 4ckd.”

Have you had any embarrassing/memorable experience on twitter? If yes, what happened?

I have had a lot oh! But most recently, @Drewbaba was editing my tweets and people kept gbagauning them. It got viral. I couldn’t control d whole shittery! 🙁

What are the downsides of being on twitter?

One of the downsides is the over familiarity that occurs that causes people who don’t know you feel like they know u well enough to disrespect you. You get?

What are the upsides?

Upsides do include the obvious which is meeting new people and for us in Diaspora, we are able to reconnect with people back’s like our own little Naija community where we are completely comfortable.

Has twitter gotten you more fans/friends?

Oh Lawdd. Haha! Fans bawo? I really don’t know! I think twitter got me more people who don’t agree with my views; not haters, not fans, not friends. Just people who hate my guts because of the way I say my things I guess.

Many tweeps say you have a controversial persona on twitter. Is this true?

I will say 90% of the people following me say I am controversial and a little too opinionated.

Describe your twitter persona in three words

Comedic, crude, and properly a little IDGAF, haha! I go intellectual sometimes sha. :X

Do you follow back readily? Why?

I follow back when I want to. If I follow everybody back, I can tell you that it won’t be pleasant.

What would possibly make you close your twitter account?

Anything. Who knows? Am pretty spontaneous. I fit wake up tomorrow and now close everything. It’s not a big deal but I won’t. :p

Twitter Stats (As at 6pm, 7th June)

Handle: @AdeYossie

Followers: 1,022

Following: 241

Tweets: 52, 765

Favourite tweets: 18

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  1. I'd say it here again. Na only her bio make me follow am o. Sango, Sopana, Dick, Tit, Vagina, Suck, Finger, Wank < all inside one bio.

  2. #GBAM…. Nice One!!! Irumole ti o Gba NONSENSE!!!!!! ℓ☺ℓ

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