Twitter Personality: @itsjustAYO – “All my followers are amazing”

Ifreke Inyang [@ifreke]

If you are not following Ayo, then you’re missing out on unrivalled humour. Despite the fact that this music blogger is in his final phase in the University, he still finds time to crack his followers to no end. Ayo, who is a unashamed fan of 9ice is our next Twitter Personality and supplies humorous answers to our usual questions.

How did you get on Twitter?
Through Facebook. A friend of mine updated his status about how Twitter is “dead”, so I checked it out, signed up and I actually regretted signing up because I was confused how it really works. The rest was history.

Who would you say is your favourite tweep?
I can’t really say. My TL is always fun. I follow a lot of Twitter comedians. All my followers are amazing.

Is there any particular tweet you’ll never forget? Tell us about it.
There are a lot. Sometimes you stare at a particular tweet, and ask ‘where did these people come from?’

Have you had any embarrassing/memorable experience on Twitter? If yes, what happened?
Yeah, I have a lot. Sometimes I don’t give a fly f**k, (excuse my French). The most painful one has to do with soccer – bragging how your team will win a match, and things don’t quite work out. I get emotional when my team loses, so I ignore some tweets.

What are the downsides of being on Twitter?
The downsides of being on Twitter is that a lot of people judge you based on your tweets. Only few people actually know me. I can be nice and be the other way round if I want to be.

What are the upsides?
Twitter has actually helped me to connect to a lot of people back home, which saves me calling card. #TrueStory

Has Twitter given you more fans/friends/followers?
Twitter has built my social life. I started blogging the same time I joined Twitter. But when I started blogging for the big guns,, I think I gained more fans and followers.

Many tweeps say you have a controversial persona on Twitter. Is this true?
Yeah I am, and that’s just me. I can’t change me for followers. That’s what a lot of people do on Twitter – try to be nice when they are not. Sometimes when I’m being myself, I get some senseless tweets, (excuse my Italian once again). I just ignore because I get sensitive to tweets.

Describe your Twitter persona in three words.

Do you follow back readily? Why?
I just appreciate when people follow you or especially the people you stalk their accounts follows you.

What would possibly make you close your Twitter account?
Give me 1million dollars I’ll shut it down in  five minutes!

Twitter Stats (As at 6:37pm, 10th July)
Handle: @itsjustAYO
Followers: 1,091
Following: 598
Tweets: 57,207
Favourite tweets: 13

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  4. olodo see your life MEAN na 3 words?? anyways u don try for twitter and in youir dreams for that 1 million dollars,,,cos after they give u will still tweet that u got 1 million love bro

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    I didn't know MEAN-is now 3words..

    5mins is tOo much if u r giving me 1Million Dollars..

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