#UltimateLoveNG: Rosie becomes fan favourite after accusation of being manipulative

Seriously, how long did you think it would take before the claws star coming out in the Love Pad?

Last week, I predicted that nominations in the Ultimate Love Pad would yield interesting results and that came to pass.

Like its sister show, Big Brother Naija, Ultimate Love uses a nomination and eviction elimination process to select a winner. The difference however is that unlike the former, nominations in the Love Pad is public knowledge, such that it is an open secret between all housemates.

Following Sunday night’s eviction show, nominations commenced immediately. Chivia, PreshDavid and IykeResa nominated Bolar and Roksie while Double Chris nominated Jelo and Bolar. Other nominations include:

ObiEbi – Bolar and Double Chris.

Jelo – JayKech and Roksie.

Roksie –  PreshDavid and Jelo.

JayKech – Chivia and Bolar.

Bolar nominated Chivia.

Long story short, Bolar, Chivia, Jelo and Roksie were put up for possible eviction, after Aunty had saved PreshDavid, but before the save, Presh aired out some ugly sentiments about Rosie to Bolanle.

Bolanle and Presh Talker who took the nominations to heart had a lengthy and in-depth conversation (or gossip if you will) about Rosie. Presh accused Rosie of being manipulative and always emitting negative energy which she can’t stand, and that’s why she refuse being friends with her. Bolanle revealed to Presh that Rosie feels the same way about her, but insisted she would like to hear it from Rosie’s mouth.

She also promised to give Rosie the ‘gbas gbos’ if they ever confronted each other, an ironic plan for someone who just accused another person of radiating bad energy. Presh went on to give ‘101 reasons’ why she didn’t like Rosie, when the obvious truth remains that Presh is unable to take nominations in good faith. I wonder if she expects not to ever be nominated.

This gossip has so far spurred a fan movement behind Rosie on social media. Rosie trended amongst fans of the show on Twitter, and on IG comment sections. Fans easily rallied behind her, as they didn’t take kindly what Presh said about her – a wave of sympathy succeeded and it has been #TeamRoksie all day, on social media.

It seems like Presh Talker shot herself on the leg with this one, as her ‘gossip’ with Bolanle ignited spectator’s enmity towards her and by extension, empathy for Rosie, so much that the fans did not respond kindly to Aunty’s decision to save PreshTalker.

It’s shameful because PreshDavid, over the past few weeks had gained some momentum with the fans and this single moment threatens to tear it all down. Is it possible that Presh can somehow redeem herself in the eyes of the audience? For her sake I hope so, but like they say; people reveal what they truly think when they are enraged, and maybe we were just treated to a front-row seat of Presh’s true colour.

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