#UltimateLove: Rosie tells her side of the story, says she was physically abused

We all know that conflict is an inescapable part of any relationship, and a lot of people in relationships have accepted this to be reality, but, as some of us may have seen, the truly concrete relationships, the ones that stand the test of time, and glean that bit of hope which proves that true love really does exist, are the relationships that rise above these conflicts. However, it is important to discern between rising above a petty squabble, and enduring the wounds of an abusive partner.

Unfortunately for Rosie Afuwape and Kachi Ucheagwu, who ironically were the winners of the love reality TV show Ultimate Love, their love life, if you can still call it that, seemed to have soured to the point of well… abusive.

Kachi and Rosie found love on the set of Ultimate Love; a love show that seeks to find the perfect couple amongst its contestants. Their relationship seemed intimate and honest while on the show and as a result, they were crowned the winners of the show.

However, things recently took a turn for the worse in their relationship when rumors of their breakup started circulating on social media, It began with rumors of an alleged domestic violence that a third party had revealed.

Later on Kachi appeared on the show with #withChude, where he in turn spoke of having his world torn apart when Rosie aborted his baby. Read story here…

At this point Kachi seemed to have the bulk of the sympathy as most people who watched the interview sympathized with him. Of course it goes without saying that Rosie caught a lot of backlash following the interview, after which she made her Instagram account private. She also decided to stay off social media, that was until a week ago when she came back online. In a twisted irony, she posted Kachi’s picture on his birthday on the 26th of November on her IG page, wishing him well.

Nonetheless, she too also told her side of the story in a interview she posted on her YouTube channel. She began by admitting that she did in fact love Kachi, up until they left the house and began having some issues.

She noted that a lot of pressure came from his side, to give him a child, as a way to prove her commitment to the relationship which she refused. She earlier noted also that the whole abortion story is not true as she was not pregnant in the situation Kachi had spoken of on #withChude. She did admit to missing her period and she also said she had consulted a doctor for drugs but she stated that she didn’t take them as she began to notice her periods again.

She later narrated that she became pregnant but kept if from him because she wanted to surprise him for his birthday. She said she eventually told him before his birthday and he didn’t seem surprised. She also spoke about having a miscarriage later on.

She said the real problems began when they both visited her parents in Kaduna, after her mom was coming off a surgery, and Kachi barely helped with domestic chores. She spoke of how she tried to confront him about it by locking him in a room and forcing him into a conversation. According to her, Kachi then beat her to get the keys.

It would seem that it’s this part of the interview that has made its rounds on social media and people are weighing in on the matter.

As earlier stated, following Kachi’s revelation, a lot of people sympathized with him, and now following Rosie’s story, a lot of people still sympathize with Kachi.

Her story didn’t sit right with people as they are under the impression that she is lying. Her story to them didn’t seem to add up, and it also didn’t feel genuine. This drama has fans who voted for the couple asking for their money back, and honestly who can blame them.

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