Wale Adetula: ‘Two out of three’: Theories on dating women

Ok, so I won’t go ahead and say all men have adopted this theory. I mean, I’ve dealt with a few 1/3 in my short life

I’ll come straight out and say it: two out of three—that’s all a woman needs to meet the “I’ll bed you/I’ll wife you” criteria for most guys. You might have heard guys talking about TAF, TFA or FAT – yes? no? Well, T = Tits, F = Face, A = Ass.

This theory, common among the male folk, that most guys will bed (or wife, depending on your type of person) a chick once she can meet two of the three requirements stated above, has become almost absolutely adopted (consciously or unconsciously) by guys. Yes, it is no lie that the average male is a very visual creature. He makes choices based on what he sees as opposed to the females but the general idea that it takes meeting only two out of these “very physical” criteria to bed a woman makes me wonder how much our value system has eroded in this generation.

I mean, whatever happened to a decent personality? Does that not come handy even while in the sack? A lot of guys are probably going, “like HOW?” It’s not as if you give two hoots about her smiling at you or remaking your bed after a roll in the hay (that freaks a lot of guys out by the way).

Women who often see “no-so-good-looking” women with very “hot” are simply witnessing the 2/3 theory hard at work, and to get by, I advise them start taking it seriously.

Ok, so I won’t go ahead and say all men have adopted this theory. I mean, I’ve dealt with a few 1/3 in my short life (mostly having a cute face with little or no T & A) but maybe that’s just due to my open-minded nature but then again, I’m very positive that I’m not alone here. I’ve seen other brothers walking along the street proudly holding on to their 1/3 chick (even though she might be making up for this in other ways), the general excuse for this would probably be “she must have a great personality” but did I hear the guys go: ‘riiiiiiight?’

For me, it will have to come to 3/4. You just can’t knock out a great personality even if it’s for something very casual (insert/delete one-night-stands depending on your person). If I find you boring, overtly sarcastic, condescending or insensitive as a person, no matter how ‘hawt’ you look (T,F & A), well, it won’t be impossible but it’ll just be harder to bring myself to ‘just’ bed you.

So it’s time to speak your mind. To the guys out there, do you support the 2/3 theory or you’d rather have all three? And for the ladies, what’s your take on all of this? If y’all have the 10/3 theory, do you think it’s right for us to adopt the 2/3 theory? Have your say.

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  1. The future of any woman with me regardless of how 2/3 or 3/3 she might be hinges on communication. I appreciate smarts and intelligence in a woman and if you've not got it I'll scram ASAP.

    I've been called 'dulling guy' by few 2/3 women who didn't realise they were just dumb

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