Will someone save Telema please? YNaija Tinsel Review – Feb 27TH – Mar 2ND

By Joy Ehonwa

Angela paid Amaka a visit and told her a few home truths, and she finally went to see Dr. Ibrahim. His first prescription- the same thing we’ve been saying. Amaka, name your baby- doctor’s orders! What hurtful things she said to Sheila! It was so awful to realise Amaka thought Sheila was to blame for Fred’s condition. Sheila had a few choice words for her as well.

Luckily, after therapy she went over to apologise to Sheila, who also was sorry for the things she said. Good for them, because they need each other now.

It turns out Mrs. Etuk has just refused to stay dead. First, she left everything she owned to her grandson- mostly landed property. Of course Amaka rejected it; she refused to even sell the land and keep the money in trust for her son until he comes of age.

And then the bombshell dropped. Mrs Etuk left a video-a damning video in which she claimed to have been murdered by Amaka Okoh. And it has found its way into the hands of that evil Harriet at Tinsel Town magazine. Sigh.

Fred’s life isn’t getting better either. He’s noticed that Sheila has changed, and he knows that something happened after they had dinner together, but he has no idea what. Sheila has contacted a divorce lawyer who just might be the Ade-Williams’ undoing. Sheila will have herself to blame if word gets out that Fred has amnesia.

Meanwhile, having learned that Tokunbo and Titan were one and the same, Titi K is now enamoured. This week she was one of the girls, standing in her jeans adoring the young star who had been invited to sing in her home. Of course she’s thinking of how the relationship will be beneficial to Shalewa’s career, the woman is so ambitious!

Shalewa is more concerned with her romance right now. From her “I am suffering from heartbreak, I can’t think of anything else” to “I am not a simple girl, in fact I am very complicated” the girl had us in stitches this week. It was really sweet to see her and Titan make up, and watch Shoshanna turn green with envy.

For Tare Duke, we have nothing but questions. Tare, why did you steal Phillip’s letter, and why did you trash it? Tare, we were counting on you to stop this wedding; why haven’t you done anything? Tare, you said you went partying the night of Varere’s murder; where is your alibi?

While we’re wondering what exactly was in Chris Okereke’s letter to Phillip, we’re also wondering if it isn’t time the guy got married. He looked pathetic losing track of time at work not just for the love of film, but because he didn’t have anywhere else to go. Phillip, has it occurred to you that it’s rather nice to have a wife to go home to? A nice hot dinner, warm bed and willing wife sure beats fishing for a drinking partner and ending up playing chess (and losing) with Kwame Mensah of all people.

And our dear Mrs. Mensah-to-be is the most mournful bride we’ve ever seen. Her hen night had the air of a funeral. Will someone save Telema, please?

We’ll see next week!


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Comments (2)

  1. I tire for Sheila abeg!

  2. Shiela as a lot on her plate rite nw evryfin seems 2 b workin against her&she reli nids 2 cooldown

    As 4 telema she is jst bein fabulously foolish 4 goin in2 dat type of marriage wiv kwame

    Philip&angela r my fave, D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ deliver naturally

    Wil luv tare&philp 2 hook up 4 ril

cool good eh love2 cute confused notgood numb disgusting fail