YNaija Tinsel weekly review- Nov 28 – Dec 2


Joy Ehonwa


Fighting at school is always a bad idea, but seriously, that saucy Shoshanna got what was coming to her. Teasing and mocking Shalewa was bad enough, but suggesting that her father was a liar took the bullying to a whole new level.

 The high point of this week was undoubtedly the sex education class…

Trust Shalewa, she could not bear anyone calling her dear “posy” a liar. The school summoned both mothers and we got to meet Shoshanna’s mum. It turns out the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. On the bright side, Titi has decided that the way to cure Shalewa of her seeming social ineptitude is to throw her a coming out party. This we cannot wait to see. And she’s inviting Tokunbo… this could be delicious!


On the other end of town, things are getting worse with the Ade-Williams. Laide tried to make Fred remember and he almost did, but then his head started aching and Sheila ran in. The Mrs. wasn’t pleased to find Laide in Fred’s bedroom, and she ordered her out as soon as Fred slept off.


Sheila might have been cool to Laide but now she is hot, and for good reason: marry Laide! Even calling Sheila to ask her opinion on how ready Phillip is for a stepmother.


To be fair of course, Laide has been doing a good job of steering Fred away from the issue of going public with their “relationship”, and introducing her to his family. But she cannot do enough. Her being in the house was a bad idea from the start. They can’t talk and hold hands forever. How long before Fred tries to be intimate with her? Things aren’t always as they seem. In any case, can Laide really be trusted?


We’ll see.  


While we wait, Amaka’s life isn’t getting any easier either. Sankey took her and Nero in for questioning, and then secretly arranged to have her house searched while they were at the station. Of course they found nothing, but Nero had to check the house for bugging devices. Then things got more complicated with Nero moving in temporarily to make sure she is safe and Sankey dropping by to confront Nero with his past. Apparently Nero left behind unresolved allegations of bribing witnesses to give false testimony. Amaka doesn’t seem to have much luck with men.  


Still, Nero is a good man, isn’t he? And what exactly did Sankey mean by saying she will have to resort to means she had hoped she wouldn’t have to, in order to smoke out Angela? The ‘dead’ Masters, perhaps?


Meanwhile, Christian Okereke is such a pain. Phillip stayed up all night to cut the Harmattan Diaries trailer. Chris saw it, said he liked it, only to turn around and inform his fans online that he hoped the movie would be less of an embarrassment than the trailer! Psycho Alert.

The high point of this week was undoubtedly the sex education class Dan and Titi tried to give Shalewa. Dan started by awkwardly asking her if she had heard about “the birds and the bees”,  Shalewa replied: “Posy mi, are you talking about sex?”

Laughter for days! Until next week.





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  1. Olar, I enjoy Shalewa's accent o, and I think Tomi Odunsi is doing a great job with that character! Different strokes for different folks i guess 🙂

  2. Africhic, not to worry- you can read previous ones by typing "Tinsel" in the search bar, or by copying and pasting these links. Ynaija Tinsel Reviews for the last 3 weeks- Who killed Varere Brume? http://t.co/tD3DNXmc, There's a new couple in town! http://t.co/MyuzDAjV, Can Sheila bear this suffering? http://t.co/DOv6ILn0 Enjoy!

  3. But that whole Piosy accent is more annoying than authentic pls

  4. Just discovered this page

  5. The Ade Williams drama gets interesting!

  6. Aaaahhhhhhh Tinsel town drama…. I luurvve

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