#YNaijaBBNCoverage: Housemates cry out their frustration, and search for healing

Looking at the Big Brother Naija reality TV show, it’s safe to assume that the show can be dubbed a social experiment. One that tests the strength of the contestant’s characters against each other. And with so many personalities crammed into one tiny space, for a rather lengthy period of time, it’s only natural that some of these personalities clash.

This year however, has seen an interesting spark in altercations, and the negative energy these fights bring to the house is beginning to take an emotional toll on some of the more sensitive housemates.

Fight for food 

On Tuesday morning, over breakfast, one of the most shocking and heated confrontations since the start of the season, occurred. This time it was between two obstinate personalities, and owing to their very nature, the words they used on each other, quickly became as nasty as it can get.

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Tolanibaj and Ka3na, fought so fiercely over food, you would think that there was a limited supply in the BBN house. Ka3na who has developed a dictatorship like role as chef, unfortunately stepped on the wrong toes yesterday, as Tolanibaj has made it abundantly clear that she is not going to tolerate anything.

Her new found aggression may be as a result of the last Sunday’s eviction show, where Ebuka urged her to be more open and exciting.

Over the previous two BBN series, contestants who have been confrontational enjoyed huge success, especially the female contestants. So it’s not surprising that some ladies this season will opt for the same strategy.

The discomfort and uneasiness the fight created, however , caused for an amicable dialogue to be had.

A sit down with all housemates

Prince calmly brought the housemates to order in the dining area, and they spoke at length about how to fix their reoccurring issue.

Ozo went first, delivering a note worthy speech. He spoke about respect and appreciation. And asked that each housemate do their best to not hurt each other. “You don’t have to love anyone here, but you should respect them.” He said.

Next up was Praise, who was border line teary through his entire address. He spoke about how, he would love to remain friends with all the housemates even after the show, but moments of disrespect in the house may alter that.

Nengi, Laycon and also had some words for their fellow housemates, basically reiterating the points that have been made by Ozo and Praise.

Lucy in response said that she feels as though no one pays attention to her, so she is not going to bother.

More closure

Reading the atmosphere in the house, Biggie put together a yoga session for the housemates, for reflective purposes. Using meditation, reflection and exertion workouts, a number of housemates were able to release all the pent up emotions they’ve been shoving in.

After the session you could spot Praise, Lucy,and surprisingly Ka3na and Prince crying.

Head of House; Lucy

Some of the housemates alluded to the possibility that Lucy being head of house could be the cause of all the stir in the house of late.

Vee explained to Biggie that with all the fights Lucy has had in the house, would be difficult for her to exercise her authority as head of house.

According to Tricky Tee, Lucy takes a military approach to leading the housemates. And her desire to tell them what to do is going to inevitably cause more issues. “I guess it’s just her character. She wants us to clean the house every morning. I’m up for it too. But people are complaining. And I believe this would bring in more conflict. I foresee more issues.” He stated.

Kaisha, on the other hand, is more concerned with the idea that the rest of the housemates may be ganging up on her than “annoying Lucy.”

This seems an issue to the housemates, considering that the Thursday task is around the corner. They lost last week and can’t afford to lose again. Hopefully the healing from the yoga session and conversations have a lasting effect on the housemates, and Lucy picks up diplomacy.

Dairy Sessions

Some of the housemates had some interesting things to say to Biggie.


For some reason yet to be known, Neo seemed offended by Vee, and he decided to keep his distance for most the day.


Lilo wants to set a slower pace for her relationship with Eric. Perhaps she is beginning to realize that she may have hopped on the couple strategy a little too early.


Kaisha is not entirely sold on the unison of the housemates. She believes that it is going to cost them the task.



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