#YNaijaBBNGist: The Nengi-Ozo ship may be taking a direction we’re too excited to ignore

For the longest time we’ve mauled Ozo relentlessly for being what we believed to be borderline obsession with Nengi. This week, the narrative might just change as a result of the direction Ozo has decided to go.

If you recall last week, Nengi gave Ozo the heart breaking revelation that he is not even among the top 200 guys on her list. Seems the ever resilient Ozo took this to heart and decided to give up on chasing a relationship with Nengi.

In the live eviction show on Sunday, Ozo told the world that he has chosen to respect Nengi’s wishes to stop pushing for a relationship, and two days after he seems to be keeping to his word.

He has referred to Nengi as friend a couple of times, has stopped with the relationship talks, he is deliberately giving Nengi more space, and has begun hanging out with other housemates asides Nengi, even Nengi admitted to Big Brother that Ozo has been distancing himself from her, and she didn’t particularly like that. She even cried when Big Brother presented her with the option of considering his offer or letting go of the friendship completely.

Well today, it seems Nengi is not buying into the idea of losing a friend, especially the attention that comes from it. She took the initiative to go spend some time with Ozo, as she looked to be missing him. It’s a classic case of Mohammed and the mountain, and the mountain has finally caved in.

While Ozo was in the garden today he was joined by Nengi who came to share the garden bed with him. The two began discussing about mundane things like the weather, but soon after, Ozo mentioned that he wanted to sleep, however, Nengi wouldn’t let him she continually tried to keep him awake.

They would later go to the room, where Nengi hopped onto Ozo’s bed. From talking about suspicious looking stains on Ozo’s bed sheets, to talking about their strategies for when they leave the house, to giving each other massages, these two have done nothing but hover around each other all day.

This not necessarily suggesting that Nengi wants anything more than a genuine friendship with Ozo, we are simply indicating that with the way she is all over him today, it’s uncertain what exactly she wants.

Is Ozo that one friend she just can’t afford to lose? Or is he that good guy that may be there for her when she is ready for a committed relationship, and so she keeps him around? Or is this how she is with all her friends? Only time will tell. Meanwhile, we are hoping for a little re-ignited spark to the Ozone Ship.

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