Click, click: See our pick of Top 10 Nigerian websites of 2012!

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  • Okechukwu Ofili

    sweet…lots of new sites I had not heard about.

    • Nubi Kayode

      Yeah, hope you like what they have to offer. Yes, free ad here: Do check out too :)

  • jugun

    why is the Punch newspaper not on this list? it makes the list incomplete…

    • Nubi Kayode

      Punch actually made my Top 20, but then it came to choosing one news site, and Vanguard made the cut. I’d sure be watching punch closely, especially with it’s new mobile site, and social media activities. :)

  • Lifestyler

    where’s – music, – jobs, – lifestyle & sahara reporters – eye witness news …list no complete jor!

    • Lifestyler

      How can iroking make dis list? 2 me, they r money miss road; i get more music off njo, 360nobs, nairaland and even spinlet sef

      • Nubi Kayode

        The period under review was 2012 – new sites and those that have shown innovation in web technologies – among other things (not really business model, asper iROKING). Nairaland did make the list, Spinlet is an app. I do like notjustok, 360nobs, and others, but it’s my Top 10 :)

    • Nubi Kayode

      *holds laugh* Ok. Maybe on my Top 1000 Nigerian website, but hey, it’s just my opinion

  • Aliyu

    Hey, seems u forgot abt

    • Nubi Kay

      Not really. In fact, I’m sure I did not forget :) let’s see if it makes the 2020 list