“Go drink battery water!”- When Arsenal fans got mad at Tolu Ogunlesi…

Never p**s off a football fan, especially one of a team who’s been deprived of any silverware for several years now. Such was the lesson our very own FrontPager, the writer Tolu Ogunlesi had to learn firsthand when a series of tweets he sent out about Arsenal FC and it’s fans were quickly jumped upon by the trolls several passionate lovers of the team.

@toluogunlesi: The biggest farce of today: the Arsenal fans still tweeting excuses/consolatory stuff. Y U NO LET SHAME SILENCE YOU?

@toluogunlesi: VACANCY: #Arsenal Fans Wanted Urgently. Prospective candidates will need to demonstrate proof of shamelessness.

Those seem harmless enough, right? Well, not much needs be said about the responses they inspired. See for yourself.

@ossai007:@toluogunlesi must b high on Alomo bitter mixed wit Alabukun n grape juice!Wat’s wit his #Arsenal dissing tweets today?

@ossai007: @emitons @toluogunlesi @nickiesgal Gooner haters can go drink battery water!

@hbmoh: @toluogunlesi please stick to criticism of GEJ were u competence lies, social critic is ur area of specialisation #arsenal

@ojoak: @maymyers15 dats not gd a language bcos of useless football. U aint even a card carrying member of d team u claim u support! @toluogunlesi

@maymyers15: @toluogunlesi U̶̲̥̅̊ are mad for ınsultıng Gooners

@SOLAJOHNSON: @toluogunlesi What a Joke coming from a Guy who just started Supporting City today cos they won the title. Fair weather Supporter u are.

@DJ_Gana: Anoda a**hole talking @toluogunlesi

@da_shyguy: @toluogunlesi<<Shame on u first Tolu. This ain’t the least funny @ all. Better luck next time on being a comedian.

Um, can we say “ouch” ? Whatever happened to civil discourse?

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  1. YNaija can go hug transformer for all I care! Yellow journalists, brown envelope seekers. Just as you killed 234 Next….you are digging the grave for this farce too.

    Tolu Ogunlesi can use any language he feels like using while tweeting because he is what? But the "trolls" as you have said in your infinite wisdom have no rights. Bunch of clowns.

  2. There was nothing harmless about the tweets. They were provocative and unnecessary. His success is getting to his head and he feels he can spit anything and get away to it. And when did it become a publication's duty to blindly take sides. I heard this YNaija was run by a group of people in a certain circle. Too much rubbish being posted here

  3. This guy says; "Prospective candidates will need to demonstrate proof of shamelessness…" and you are asking, "Whatever happened to civil discourse?" Asking him or the fans that bothered to reply his rants?

  4. Tolu Ogunlesi asked for it,his tweets cannot be described as civil either!!!

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