“The Beast”: President Obama’s armoured limo breaks down during trip to Israel

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6 Responses

  1. Mr munir says:

    Let this not happen again !

  2. Festus Ogbeide says:

    NO mind them,”USA” they think they are the most perfect.
    They will never see their flaws.

  3. Elijah Ombaso says:

    It is not surprising that the Kenya National Team, Harambee Stars are left to fend for themselves in some remote and derelict primary school in Naigeria.This is the most corrupt country on the earth, what would anybody expect? I would have been surprised if the opposite were to be true. When Naigeria's national team, the green eagles go for a return leg match in Nairobi, Kenya National Football Federation (KFF) should make sure the green eagles are accommodated at one of the small hotels at Dogoreti Corner or Mathare, after all they don't know anything better than that. For them a hotel in Dogoreti Corner or Mathere will be up market accommodation. Shame on Naigeria's NFF officials.

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