“The Beast”: President Obama’s armoured limo breaks down during trip to Israel



For most of us, a simple breakdown of our car is nothing to worry about.  But if you’re the president of the United States visiting one of the most dangerous countries on earth, it could mean disaster.

There was a bit of shock and confusion this week when the president’s armored limousine sputtered to a halt during his much-anticipated trip to Israel.  Nicknamed “The Beast” for it’s strong protection against attack, the car stopped running because someone put the wrong gas into the car. It runs on petrol, but the person filled it with diesel.  It’s hard not to expect that this person’s job will probably come to an end this week.

The car was brought from the United States, where the president usually brings an army of men, weapons and vehicles on his trips around the globe.   Another limo for the president is being brought over from Jordan, according to an Israeli news station.

The president flew to Jerusalem in his helicopter, followed by a group of Black hawk helicopters for protection.   The president apologized for the size of his entourage.

“The Beast” is a Cadillac DTS, modified to withstand biological and chemical attacks.  It has eight-inch doors, bulletproof glass, and gets just eight miles to the gallon.  It also has its own oxygen supply, night-vision cameras and tear gas cannons.   Oh yeah, it will also drive with flat tires and carries a supply of the president’s blood just in case he needs it..

Maybe on the next version of the Beast, they can make sure that it runs on more than one type of gas so that it doesn’t end up on the back of a tow truck.  So much for flawless national security.

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  • Let this not happen again !

    Mr munir March 21, 2013 6:00 pm
  • NO mind them,”USA” they think they are the most perfect.
    They will never see their flaws.

    Festus Ogbeide March 21, 2013 7:12 pm
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