10 Brilliant Short Films on YouTube

“Not all heroes wear capes.” This saying can be applied to several contexts, and in this case, the heroes referenced are the short films that never get into the mainstream media.

In an age where streaming services generate a lot of revenue for global media markets, there are some shows, though produced and directed perfectly, never get the spotlight that they deserve, and if you are looking for a powerful, well-presented short film that’s less than thirty minutes long, we have just the right movies for you.

Here, we bring those Nollywood films to light, suggesting a list of 10 brilliant short films on YouTube that you can watch anytime.

The Rehearsal (Michael Omonua)

The short film, ‘The Rehearsal’, is a 14-minute film that portrays the reality in some modern churches. The film exposes a priest directing a group of people on how best to faint and convulse in church for deliverance the following Sunday. The Rehearsal sheds some light on the truths that happen behind some churches.

The short film is funny. However, it will leave you questioning what goes on behind the curtains of some churches and how you identify who needs a deliverance than the person who might be pretending to.

Widow’s Mite (Ese Ariremu)

The film focuses on Obiageli, a widow accused of killing her husband. The story is set in 2020, during the ill-fated EndSars Protest. Obiageli is forced to shave her head and sleep with the corpse of her late husband.

Widow’s Mite sheds light on tribal rites and challenges in which widows are forced to participate during their husband’s burial ceremonies.

The Way Things Happen (Ugochukwu Onuoha & Dika Ofoma)

This is a brilliant film that incorporates the use of Igbo language to convey the emotions of the best characters. Praised for its genuine connection to its audience’s emotions, The Way Things Happen opens with the perfect relationship between Benjamin and Maazi and Echelon Mbadiwe.

However, not all good things last a long time, as Benjamin soon dies, and his lover has to deal with life without him. Sadness is well portrayed in this short film. Even with the limited screening time, it did not feel forced or rushed.

Ijo (Fatimah Binta Gimsay)

They say, “Dancing is the hidden language of the soul,” perhaps if this couple had gone to a few dancing classes, they might have understood each other better. Ijo reveals how love can turn to resentment in this short film.

A woman finds it hard to love her husband again after an unhealthy past while he loved her too much to let her go despite her mistakes.

Samaria (Chiemeka Osuagwu)

A beautiful story told in less than 20 minutes, Samaria depicts a lovely friendship between two girls, Amarachi and her friend, Yewande, who refuse to let her give up her dream. 

Sadly, the powers that be have a stronger hold on Amarachi and even with the help of Yewande and Victor, a good Samaritan, Amarachi can still not pursue her dreams.

So Strange (Kevin Mike)

It is a strange short film, beginning with a man driving home to his stay-at-home wife. The couples are perfectly wrapped in their love for each other as they take each day as a blessing to spend together.

The husband wants a child, but his wife is slightly reluctant. She holds conversations with her doll when her husband is not around, which makes one question her sanity.

‘So Strange’ features the fan-favourite actor Ray Emodi, who plays his role well and will make the ladies wish every man loved them the way he loved his wife.

Lizard (Akinola Davies Jr)

Lizard is set in the ’90s and delves into the world of sin, organised religion and the hypocrisy surrounding the “righteous” religious people.

This short film asks questions about religion and how it becomes loosely defined through the eyes of the young actress, Juwon. A pastor with carnal thoughts towards his church members and staff stealing from the congregation cannot be holy and righteous as they claim to be without sin, can they?

The Verdict (Stanley Ohikhuare)

Based on a True Life Story, The Verdict seeks to remind the world about the final moments of a 19-year-old who died in 2005 after enlisting in the American Army.

Although evidence points toward Laveena Johnson being raped, attacked and killed, the military ruled her death as a suicide and closed the case.

Brought to life by Zainab Balogun with the help of Stanley, they prove that it is absurd to consider that Laveena Johnson could have done those things to herself.

Dices (Sandra Tetteh)

Dices is an excellent film that raises mental health awareness and encourages men to speak up about sexual assault.

In Dices, we see David, a man with PTSD from being sexually assaulted at a young age. He grows up into a fine man with a lovely girlfriend who refuses his marriage proposals whenever he asks her because he still deals with physical touches.

David meets a therapist but finds it hard to tell his story as he is forced with a hard choice of either losing his girlfriend or speaking out about his experience.

840 Days (Isioma Osaje)

Bringing into light the need for couple counselling is this beautiful production by Isioma Osaje, who delivers a sterling short film about a couple who knew nothing about each other yet lived together till a quick test by a friend brings out their true desires.

It paints a pristine picture of how marriages are more than meets the eye, and both parties must understand their partner’s long-term goals and desires.

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