10 reasons why you should be having (more) sex

by Real Buzz


Sleepless nights are no fun and the next day you get cranky, lose your concentration and can’t wait to get home. If you struggle to get to sleep and want to end the tossing and turning, find yourself a bedtime buddy.

1. Sex helps you cope:

Had a tough day? When you’re feeling stressed and you’ve had a shocking day it can be easy to slob out in front of the TV and watch trashy dramas. But if you really want to unwind switch the TV off and try to turn you and your partner on. Research has shown that sex relaxes you and your muscles. It also reduces your stress levels. Plus, if you have a decent bedroom session then the next day you will be able to cope with demanding situations better.

2. Sex makes you more fertile:

Unless we’ve misunderstood the stork myth, if you want to make a baby you need to have lots of sex. Not only will this obviously increase your chances of conceiving, but it also makes you more fertile because the more often you have sex, the fresher and better your sperm becomes. So, if you want a little one in your life have sex every morning, day and night.

3. Sex makes you fall in love:

If you want to fall head over heels in love or feel closer to your guy or girl you should get hot and have some under-the-covers fun. Studies have found that when you have sex or orgasm oxytocin is released. This hormone is responsible for making people feel generous towards one another and helps them build close bonds with each other.

4. Sex can help you drop a dress size:

A survey found that 87 per cent of women claim sex is their favorite way to work out and although you shouldn’t ditch your gym membership just yet, having lots of sex can help you burn calories and lose weight. If you and your partner get down and dirty for just thirty minutes you can burn 85 calories (357 kilojoules) or more.

5. Sex gives you a makeover:

Did you think sperm had just one function? You’d be wrong. It turns out sperm contains protein, which if applied to the face has the same anti-wrinkle benefits as moisturising creams. The white stuff tightens skin and gives you a little surgery-free facelift. However, guys, don’t start replacing your girl’s expensive creams with your man stuff, or else it might be the end of your bedroom antics.

6. Sex makes you sleep better:

Sleepless nights are no fun and the next day you get cranky, lose your concentration and can’t wait to get home. If you struggle to get to sleep and want to end the tossing and turning find yourself a bedtime buddy. When we have sex the hormone oxytocin is released, which helps us feel calm and can induce sleep; just make sure you don’t nod off on your partner mid-action.

7. Sex makes you live longer:

It would seem that the elixir of life is not fictional and that if you want to live longer you should get more sex. A study found that men who had sex less than once every month had double the risk of dying prematurely than those guys who had sex twice every week. Although the scientists aren’t entirely sure why this is, some think it’s because when men have sex a high level of the DHEA hormone is released.

8. Sex cures your headaches:

We’ve all used or have heard the classic line: ‘Not tonight honey, I’ve got a headache’. However, thanks to research you can’t use this line anymore. This is because having sex actually relieves people of their aches and pains. The pain relief comes from oxytocin, a hormone released during sex. In the study 48 people were given oxytocin and then their fingers were cut. Those who had inhaled the hormone had lowered their pain thresholds by half.

9.  Sex makes you walk tall:

At some point in our lives, we’ve all wanted to be more confident and walk a little taller. Well, it turns out that if you want to have better self-esteem you should have more sex and have better sex. Gina Ogden, a sex therapist, says that people can boost their self-esteem if they have loving sex.  If you already have self-confidence then you can build upon it through good quality, regular sex.

10. Sex can be lost:

One of the biggest reasons why you should be having more sex is that if you don’t do it regularly your sex drive can plummet and you may lose the ability and desire to do it again. A Finnish study found that men who had sex less than once every week were more likely to develop erectile dysfunction than guys who got more action.



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