10 sure signs that your child is (totally) spoilt

by Rebecca Gruber

Spoil me rotten! They say you can’t spoil a baby with endless amounts of holding, rocking, and cooing, but once that child passes the toddler years, overindulgence can make for one ill-behaved tot. It’s easy to pick out the spoiled kid on the playground but much harder to turn a critical eye on ourselves. Here’s a checklist of 10 signs that indicate that you may have a spoiled child on your hands.

She Throws Tantrums, Often

The surest sign of a spoiled child is one who frequently throws temper tantrums, both in public and at home.

She Isn’t Ever Satisfied

Spoiled children often can’t express satisfaction with what they have. If they see someone else with something, they will want that instead.

He Isn’t Helpful

No child likes to clean up, but once the toddler years have passed, he should be willing to help with smaller tasks, such as cleaning up his toys and putting his shoes away.

He Tries to Control Adults

Spoiled children often don’t delineate between their peers and adults, expecting both to listen to them at all times.

He Frequently Embarrasses You in Public

A slip up here and there is normal, but when a tot purposely embarrasses his parent in public for the sake of attention, the situation moves beyond an isolated event.

She Won’t Share

Sharing is a difficult concept for lil ones to master, but once a child reaches the age of 4, she should be more willing to share toys, snacks, etc. with friends and siblings.

You Have to Beg Him

A parent or caretaker is an authority figure and should be obeyed when a request is made. You should not need to beg your child to have a task completed.

He Ignores You

No child likes to hear the word “no,” but he shouldn’t ignore you when you speak to him.

She Won’t Play Alone

By the age of 4, a child should be willing (and able) to play on her own for a stretch of time. Needing a parent or playmate to play with demonstrates her need for attention.

You Have to Bribe Him

Parents should not have to bribe their lil ones with money, toys, treats, or the like in order to get them to do routine tasks.


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