10 tips for a rocking house party

by Ms SmartyPants

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There’s nothing like music to make or break the general mood of a party. Create a playlist that goes with the theme in general and is likely to be appreciated/tolerated by most of your guests. 

1. Clean up your home: At least the superficial dust; spray your duster with some cleaning liquid in an unconventional, exotic scent. The same goes for room fresheners and phenyls. Or simply light some aromatherapy candles, again, sticking to not-so-standard scents. This will keep your guests from believing they’ve walked into a painstakingly-sanitised hospital.

2. Plan your budget: And stick to it. It’s just a home party, not the star-studded event of the year for crying out loud.

3. Be practical: Disposable trays, plates, cups and cutlery made out of paper or plastic are the way to go. If you think white is done to death, pick a different colour and/or add simple, creative touches. Also, ensure that you aren’t lacking other essentials — basic medication in case of a sudden illness/injury, enough toilet paper, emptied trashcans and the like.

4. Stick to simple food: You needn’t spend hours slaving over a hot stove to plate up 10-course gourmet meals. Reality check: You’re not on a cookery show and your guests aren’t going to judge the hell out of you. Stick to something you’re good at, that’s easy to make and looks good enough to eat. Remember, some of them are going to be too drunk to even notice.

5. Drink wise: Don’t OD on the booze even if your guests are guzzling the booze like there’s no tomorrow. Do you really think you could play hostest with the mostest when you’re not in your senses?

6. Theme décor: If the party in question is for a special occasion or based on a theme, it would be nice to have at least a couple of elements in your home décor to echo that. It could as simple as disco lights for a 70s bash, traditional diyas for a Diwali do or flower garlands and coconut shells for a Hawaii-inspired night out. And if you’re feeling uninspired, stick to good old-fashioned balloons and ribbons to bring on the nostalgia.

7. Music to boot: There’s nothing like music to make or break the general mood of a party. Create a playlist that goes with the theme in general and is likely to be appreciated/tolerated by most of your guests. Steer clear of extremes such as death metal, hardcore rap, sentimental weepies, classical music and the like. Unless you all enjoy the genre in question.

8. Icebreakers: Bring out your best conversation piece that you picked up during your travels to an exotic land to get your guests talking. Or indulge in a session or two of classic games such as Musical Chairs, Housie, Passing the Parcel, Spin the Bottle or Balloon Dancing… depending on your guests‘ preferences, especially when they don’t know each other too well.

9. Ask, and you shall receive: When guests ask you if they can bring something — appetisers, drinks, desserts — think before you instinctively say no. You’re not Superwoman, and a potluck/semi-potluck party is always a great idea. Especially when you lead a busy life packed with various commitments.

10. All’s well that ends well: A simple thank you note (handwritten, preferably, in these times of tech OD) is a beautiful, heartwarming way to say “This was great, I’d love to do it again” or simply “Goodbye, thanks for coming”.


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