10 undeniable signs she’s trying to flirt with you

by Mish Way




I’m going to lay something out right off the bat here: There is no definitive answer to the “Is she flirting with me?” question.


Women are individuals who each have their very own unique way of attracting you, loving you and driving you totally insane. That’s just what we do, man. However, when it comes to flirting, there are a few signs that you should be sure not to brush off as just a casual pleasantness. Women are individuals, but we are also as obvious as men are oblivious, so let me help you get laid

She’s Chatting Up Your Friend But Keeps Her Eyes On You

I’m about to introduce you to a really ridiculous thing called the “Cheeseburger Principle.” Think about when you’re hanging out with your friend and you see your friend eating a cheeseburger. Even if you’re trying really hard not to eat meat or something, just watching him eat that burger makes you want it even more. Right? OK, so some terrible advice columnist took this so-called “principle” and applied it to flirting.

Is it true? Yes. It’s true. Sometimes a woman will flirt with your friend just to try to entice you, but she’ll make sure it’s always within your vision and will direct most of the energy toward you. I’m not a fan of this. I think it’s backward, game-playing nonsense, but some people do play this card.

She Keeps Walking By

If it seems like she continues to walk by with apparently no sense of why she’s there, she’s there for you. She’s trying to get you to notice her with this obvious sign she’s flirting, and you need to say something endearing. By walking past repeatedly, perhaps out of her way, she’s telling you she wants your attention, but she’s making you work for it.

She Draws Attention To Her Mouth

A woman’s mouth can be extremely seductive, and we’re fully aware of this fact. Some of the effective signs she’s flirting are: applying lip gloss, running her finger across her lip or using the straw in her cocktail instead of just sipping from the glass. There is a tremendous amount of flirtatious energy tied up in a woman’s lips. Lips are flirting tools that are both potent and effective.

She Singles You Out

If a woman finds a way to get you away from the rest of the social gathering you may be in, whether it’s a crowded bar of unfamiliar people or an intimate dinner party of friends, she’s trying to tell you she wants to be alone with just you. We will use really odd excuses to get you alone sometimes, so don’t be thrown off by the unconventional nature of the request. If you’re into it, go for it.

She Mimics Your Body Movements

For some reason, when human beings are interested or infatuated with each other, they begin to pick up certain traits from the other person. If she’s mimicking your mannerisms — the way you hold a drink, or the way you’re sitting — she may very well be interested in gaining your attention. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, after all.

She Plays With Her Hair

While relatively simple and commonplace, in the right hands, a woman’s hair is a versatile weapon. When trying to get your attention, she may twirl her hair or let it cascade in front of one eye, in an attempt to create a sense of come-hither mystery.

She Touches You

If a woman is talking with you, casually at a party or a bar, and she finds a reason to touch you (other than breaking her fall or punching you in the face), she is sending you a big, fat signal. This is the oldest, most obvious trick in the book. When she reaches out and lightly touches your forearm or shoulder, hand or wrist, you know you have a live one. You need to reciprocate, because there are few clearer signs she can provide.

She Makes Eye Contact

Just like birds are attracted to shiny things and fly toward them, people tend not to be able to look away from something they find interesting and attractive. You can feel when a woman is eyeing you. She’s not always going to come up and talk to you, but if she keeps giving glances in your direction, glance back and see if anything connects.

She Enters Your Personal Space

Personal space, by definition, is where others are not. When a woman enters this space, say, brushing past you with a glance and a smile, she’s inviting a response with this sure sign she’s flirting. The caliber and character of her invasion will give you cues as to how you should respond.

She Approaches You To Talk

Her approach is her strongest flirting card. It allows her to maintain eye contact, play with her hair, lightly touch you and mimic your mannerisms, among other flirting techniques. If she has come over to talk to you, she wants to know what you’re all about. It’s the first step in the interview process called dating.


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