4 things that keep you from getting ahead

by Alisha Tillery


Attributing your defeat to outside factors like age or false starts point your energy away from your current and future goals.

The world moves at warp speed, and it’s easy to become buried under your dreams for your life. We’re juggling several balls in the air, whether they are work, motherhood, education, relationships, family or personal projects. Many times, it seems as if we’re running on a hamster wheel, going nowhere fast.

So, why aren’t things happening for you? Check out four things you may be doing that are keeping you in a rut.

1. Not saying ‘thank you’
One thing that keeps our lives in a static state is not being grateful for our experiences, good and bad. So what, things didn’t work out with that job you loved so much or the relationship you cherished? Thank God or your higher power for where you are now to advance to the next level. To add, if someone does something for you—opens a door for an opportunity or provides insight, remember that they didn’t have to do it. Express your gratitude for their efforts. How about putting it in writing? Those good deeds will come back to you. It’s really that simple. Stop complaining about where you are and be thankful for the big successes, the small ones and the failures. Do the work, and get ready for takeoff.

2. Refusing to change your mind
The mind is a battlefield where our positive and negative thoughts clash daily. When we’ve gotten used to thinking so small or negatively, it’s difficult to flip the switch. If there’s a situation you’d like to change, before you put actions in place for different results, make sure your mind is at the head of the table and ready to push you into a positive place.

3. Focusing on Others
You’re never too old to have a role model or someone you admire, but watch out for focusing so much on what others are doing, that you become stagnant in your own plan. How many times have you seen the accomplishments and advancement of others and in turn, downplayed your own? Each of us has a set of gifts, talents and blessings that are customized for us. Don’t get lost in the shuffle of eyeing someone else’s prize. Sure, use others’ gains as fuel for your life, but concentrate on what lies ahead for you, instead of them. Simply put, do you.

4. Thinking You’ve Missed the Boat
“I can’t try that again”…”I’m too old”… “It’s too late.” These are just a few things we tell ourselves (and others) when it comes to both our personal and professional lives. Missed opportunities are just that—missed, but like those, other will come around again. Contrary to what popular culture says, you’re not a failure if you haven’t reached the pinnacle of success before 35. Give yourself time to grow. Attributing your defeat to outside factors like age or false starts point your energy away from your current and future goals. Keep going.


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