5 modern day dating struggles you have to face

by Nick Roy




Dating isn’t what it used to be. Earlier, everything was less complicated and complex – simple, maybe, but definitely more reliable.


As we evolve and progress, our lives become easier but dating and relationships become more tedious. Although, it’s difficult to escape from the clutches of modern day dating struggles, the least you could do is be aware of these 5 common problems.

1. The Facebook relationship status

As a younger generation, we place so much importance on the most arbitrary things, like Facebook and who’d out of the two of you would update the relationship status first. Deny it as much as you want, but there’s no escape from this plague. To make things worse, being the first one to update your FB status is like being the first one to say ‘I Love You.’ It’s a step down and can create an awkward tension between you and your spouse.

2. Dating for sex

The generation today doesn’t date, it sleeps around. Sure, we may sleep around with the same person for months before we switch, and call it dating. But the truth is, we date to have sex and not to have relationships. More often than not, we usually skip the whole dating thing and directly go for the goal. If not anything, our generation is at least clear of what it wants.

3. Fear of the unknown

As if not knowing whether you’re in a relationship or not was not enough, the uncertainty of whether the relationship would work in the future and if your partner would be faithful to you is sure to drive any man crazy. It can be actually worse if you’re partner is dating other people, and you’re being a faithful fool. Older generation used to date for the purpose of finding someone they can spend their entire life with. For younger generation, dating is like a sport.

4. Balancing career and relationship

We have countless options presented to us every single day. And we, as a generation, like to choose as much as we can because we always are greedy for more. We are always competing and trying to get ahead- both in our professional and personal life. We are a generation of dreamers and we dream of things that even scare us. That is great, except relationship takes a lot of time. It also needs commitment and sacrifice, something which we are not ready to offer.

5. Sexually open lifestyles

We are a generation who thrives on Internet porn- and we have a sexually open lifestyle. It’s a problem. With more partners comes more chance of catching something. Sure, we use condoms but that doesn’t stop anyone from catching various forms of STDs. And these days you can’t really figure out who to single out. It can be anyone.


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